Kim Dotcom faces extradition to the US

Kim Dotcom faces extradition to the US
The New Zealand Supreme Court ruled this week that the US extradition request for Kim Dotcom and her former colleagues (Matthias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato) can be upheld. However, the outcome is not a foregone conclusion: the interested parties will have the right to appeal the decision by appeal.

The founder of Mega (again) at risk of extradition

Not exactly a victory for the US authorities who are waiting to be able to transfer the creator of Mega to their territory since in 2012 the New Zealand police released the handcuffs on his wrists with a raid on his villa in Auckland. The intent is to subject him to trial for a variety of charges related to copyright infringement. One of the charges, however not valid for the purposes of extradition, concerns the crime of "criminal association for money laundering".

Born in 1974, born in Kim Schmitz, is the founder and former owner of the Megaupload, Baboom and Mega platforms. Before making a name for herself in file sharing, Kim Dotcom suffered a conviction for illegal activities related to financial data theft, fraud and stolen goods. In 2014 he released the music album "Good Times" (above the video for the single "Good Life"). Three years later he founded the Internet Party, a political movement which, however, failed to obtain representation in the subsequent elections and then dissolved in 2018.

Source: TorrentFreak

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