Google Meet: all in one click

Google Meet: all in one click
The work of the Mountain View group on Google Meet continues unabated with the aim of further improving the service and continuing the growth trend recorded for a few months now, reaching 235 million meetings daily. Today on the official Workspace blog (formerly G Suite) a new feature is announced specifically dedicated to those who organize and manage meetings.

A new feature for Meet that will please teachers

which allows you to approve or reject all entry requests with a single action. A novelty presumably introduced on the basis of the feedback collected, we imagine first of all the teachers dealing with the online lessons of distance learning who every day and for every meeting are forced to manage the entrance of students.

Now you can accept everyone waiting on Google Meet at once. Admitting all participants or students together helps limit interruptions during a video call. Attention, only the meeting organizer can see or approve requests to join the meeting.

The rollout has already started and is immediate, but as always happens in these cases it may take about two weeks for the feature to be available to everyone.

Among the other innovations recently introduced by Google in Meet those to change the background during video calls, create work groups separate, submit surveys for the attention of participants and for automatic noise cancellation on mobile devices.

Source: Google Workspace Updates

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