Football Manager 2021: ten teams to start a new career with

Football Manager 2021: ten teams to start a new career with
Despite everything, it's that time of year again. Football Manager 2021 will be released on November 24th (here our recent test), thus putting us in front of the possibility of restarting a brand new career within the football managerial made by Sports Interactive. A moment in which a choice is not easy for many, linked to the team to choose to start a new game of Football Manager. In fact, we need to think carefully, because together with the club we select we also define the possibilities and difficulties that we will encounter on our path to glory. So there are those who prefer to look for the company starting from Serie C to try to climb the roof of the world starting from the slums, and those who prefer to have everything immediately, sitting on the most prestigious benches in Europe to train the strongest players without wait for them to reach a certain age. Between decayed nobles and Cinderella, the world of football also offers many different situations, which you can rely on to be sure to start a rescue that remains stimulating for some time. If you are looking for some ideas on which team to choose to play in Football Manager 2021, take a look at the ten we have chosen for this article - they might be for you!


The excellent third place in Serie A, but above all the semi-final of the Champions League really barely touched, make Atalanta one of the most interesting teams looking at the results of last season . Many quality players, delightful to train and play, kept in the team to try to replicate the feat this year too. The charisma of captain Papu Gomez is obviously an added value, together with the talent of players who have arrived now such as Aleksej Miranchuk who between Midtjylland and Inter has already shown what he is made of. Without forgetting a traditionally very prosperous youth sector, from which one can possibly draw to strengthen the team from year to year until reaching the conquest of some titles.


A Zlatan Ibrahimović always decisive even at the age of thirty-nine it should be enough to point one's choice towards Milan, one of the most famous teams on the world football scene, however, which for some years now has been trudging behind the Champions area. However, the Swede is not the only weapon on which a possible manager can count in Football Manager 2021, given that in the Rossoneri squad there are some old acquaintances of the fans of the series. Diogo Dalot above all, but also a Sandro Tonali who in the 2020 edition if registered became the absolute master of the midfield. The midfielder is one of the players to be valued in the game, given the difficult start this season. A young team, led by a timeless "old man" who, before saying goodbye to football, could accomplish his umpteenth feat by returning Milan to the top of the standings.


From fifth place in Serie A in the 2009/2010 season seems like an eternity has passed. Ten years in which Palermo found themselves going down and back from Serie B, up to the nightmare of Serie D in 2019 due to financial defaults. Having obtained promotion to Serie C, the time has come for the Sicilian club to attempt the climb towards redemption, thus honoring the many champions who have dressed the shirt. A group C on fire, among other things, also from the derby with Catania, to be won under the guidance of the eternal captain Mario Santana, one of the few to have worn the same jersey with Palermo in all categories, from Serie A to the Amateurs. br>


Carlo Ancelotti's return to the Premier League one year ago was accompanied in the last market session by important signings. Above all those of Allan and James Rodríguez, players able to make a difference if in the right state of form and with the ability to operate on the pitch in the right way. Considering that a Premier League victory in these parts has now been missing since 1987, the player's intervention could be decisive in making the team take the leap forward.


After the promotion to the Premier League in the 2017/2018 championship, for the Wolves two seventh places that have sanctioned the entry of this club in the upper part of the English league standings. Undoubtedly thanks to the Portuguese colony that is part of this club, but deprived itself of Diogo Jota who has moved from this season to Liverpool. Trying to do better is obviously the imperative of every match played in Football Manager 2021, giving up in this case an important talent to replace.

RB Leipzig

Speaking of talents from to replace, for RB Leipzig, Timo Werner's move to Chelsea was not painless. However, the German club has shown that it can maintain an excellent position even without its brightest star, as confirmed by the second position in the Bundesliga currently occupied. Defeating Bayern Munich's overwhelming power and Erling Haaland's Borussia Dortmund is no easy feat, however, so the red bull's team may need our hand.

Paris Saint-Germain

The only one of the queens of European football to enter this list could only be Paris Saint-Germain. Dominating in French homeland with the victory of the vast majority of the championships in recent years, the team of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé continues to miss the Champions League goal despite numerous attempts. Last season's final eight seemed like a good opportunity to finally be able to break this half curse, but as we all know, battleship Bayern Munich was on the way to PSG.

Inter Miami

The Miami sun and someone like David Beckham as club president. Wanting to choose a club from the American Major League Soccer this year we can only turn our eyes to Inter Miami, an ambitious team that has also managed to make important purchases in the last market. After a long push and pull, Gonzalo Higuain arrived, who found his brother Federico in Florida who also moved in 2020. Another acquaintance of Italian and European football who arrived in Miami is Blaise Matuidi. Will you be able to reach the top of the MLS together with them?

Athletic Bilbao

More than the choice of a team, the choice of a philosophy. Even if things are not going very well lately in Bilbao, in this case one can only be fascinated by the club's choice to register only players from their region, or in any case connected in some way to the Basque Country. In a football like the increasingly international one, the effort imposed by this challenge is obviously a lot, but this is where the skill of the manager comes in. If desired, it can be an idea that can also be reproduced in other teams and nations, a bit like the glorious all-Italian Piacenza of the 90s.


Speaking of philosophies, always Ajax is the European club everyone has their eyes on when it comes to youth football. A nursery among the best of the Old Continent has been able over time to churn out crystalline class champions such as Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp and many others. For the policy of the Dutch club, its European fortunes proceed in a fluctuating manner, alternating great performances with slightly more colorless seasons after having perhaps sold some now established players to the big names of European football. Being able to keep the promises of tomorrow, while at the same time finding the names that we could really see in a few years between the various European leagues is undoubtedly an interesting challenge.

You have already spotted a team for your first match to Football Manager 2021? Let us know in the comments, along with the reason!

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