Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm, the press conference

Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm, the press conference
The press conference, held on the occasion of Lucca Changes, focused on the new comic that will star the singer Elettra Lamborghini: Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm, has just ended.

Designed by Marco Tamagini, with the screenplay by Luca Vanzella, the drawings by Salvatore Callerami and the cahracter design by Ilaria Catalani, the comic published by Beccogiallo Editore is available in all bookstores and on Amazon from October 29th.

Il first comic strip for children starring Elettra Lamborghini! |

Despite the difficulties that a press conference can bring to the time of the coronavirus, between questions asked via chat and masks that make it difficult to read facial expressions, I can assure you that the meeting was pervaded by the lightheartedness and spontaneity characteristic of Elettra Lamborghini.

The Conference

After the classic pleasantries, Luca Vanzella and Elettra Lamborghini introduced the comic. Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm is configured as a lighthearted tale, a fantastic adventure that tells the artist's daily life without sparing the readers twists and turns, self-irony and a good dose of Indiana Jones-style adventures. The need, Luca Vanzella and Elettra Lamborghini explain to us, is to tell the magic of a positive attitude, the beauty of spontaneity and enthusiasm.

And it is precisely this spontaneity that the work team behind Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm has tried to convey through this comic book, mostly aimed at young people. The comic, in just three days, became a best seller on Amazon, both because Wonder Elettra, the protagonist of the comic, is very representative of the character of Elettra Lamborghini and because, in a difficult moment like the one we are experiencing, marked by a pandemic, the need for carefree is strong in all of us. Elettra Lamborghini said she was extremely proud of having succeeded, with her light-hearted attitude that appeals to young and old, to give lightness thanks to her new comic.

The creation of Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm

Moving on to the questions, arrived both via chat from those who, like us, were forced to follow the press conference remotely, and from the journalists present in the room, we were able to deepen the birth of Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm. The most "technical" description of the creation of the register comes to us from Luca Vanzella, starting from the difficulty he encountered in the narration:

It had happened to me to write biographies, but of dead people, then to write about someone alive , who could therefore have complained was quite an apprehension, but the advantage is that I already knew, in part, the character. It was more the feeling of getting to know and deepening a fictional character I knew, like Dylan Dog, and discovering that it actually exists.

Speaking of the transition from the real Elettra Lamborghini to the character of Wonder Elettra and the rhythm narrative that had to keep during the writing of the texts the screenwriter said:

We had to remove the bad words, even if a cabròn turns up. On the one hand there was the advantage that, being the representative of a team, we had many who spent their time listening to the interviews trying to understand which elements were returning and which could capture that idea of ​​energy and enthusiasm. which was what we wanted to put in the comic then obviously there was a minimum of sweetening but not too much. We tried to hear how Electra spoke and she has some of her catchphrases, soy milk, pistachio ice cream, which create a bit of the character but which are real. It's important to give rhythm to the script, it had to be Fast and overwhelming like the character and also like the music. In fact I wrote in full immersion, in fact, both of the Electra disc and of the reggaeton to keep the rhythm. I don't think I've completely become a reggaeton fan but I understand why there can be people who can be fans.

Speaking of reggaeton one cannot help but think about how, in Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm, Wonder Elettra you are saved by dancing this kind of music. Elettra Lamborghini, urged by a journalist, has expressed herself decisively on the prejudices that permeate the world of music, especially on those concerning Latin American music:

They are all labels that are given in general, not only for the music. Who said that the sauce doesn't make you think of something different? They are all stupid prejudices that are given. Obviously, of course, in Latin America slightly stronger terms are used in reggeton, but as in Italy, trap means nothing! [...] These are prejudices that are useless! Raggeton is simply a very cheerful kind of music, which is part of my being. For me (the music) has to be messy, it has to be fun, it has to be lighthearted and for me this is music. Then if you hit your butt, a dance never hurts.

Elettra Lamborghini also stated that she had a lot of fun creating Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm and that, even if there is still nothing confirmed, he could think of publishing a second comic volume.

Elettra Lamborghini and the new generations

During the press conference the questions also inevitably focused on the relationship that the singer has with the new generations and on the message that, through Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm, she intends to convey. The singer has declared that she does not follow a particular approach when interfacing with such a young audience:

I actually follow who I am, I don't approach myself ... Frankly, even if maybe I should do it every now and then, maybe stay a a little more attentive to the words I say, I am like that, maybe that's why I like myself. [...] I am like that, I say what I feel, when it opens it works, I think that in the end this is my strong point.

However, she said she was very happy to have realized this project and to have decided to finally publish a volume that talked about her, after the countless times in which she refused proposals for the creation of an autobiographical book:

Delighted, obviously you don't see for the mask but I'm smiling a lot! the project for me is practically like a dream because they had been proposing me to make a book for years and I cevo "well, sorry .." apart from that everyone does it what do I have to tell? Yes, I can tell a lot of things but in the end a 26 year old girl ... I didn't find it particularly interesting. [...] I love children, it was already a lot that we wanted to transform the Elettra, since everyone tells me "you are a cartoon" we wanted to imprint him, in short, on that path.

Elettra Lamborghini, despite his position of influencer, he said he does not feel the pressure of approaching young minds and to keep his communication as spontaneous as possible.

Me, unlike many influencers who show good example and then they do totally the opposite I really try to be myself, because I think that in the end that's what wins, being transparent without having to create a character for myself when in reality I am exactly like that. If I do something good, I do it at home too. If I say a bad word, which maybe another influencer doesn't do, but then after the cameras are turned off it's the worst of the worst, I maybe said a word that I shouldn't have said, but in my opinion that comes to them more, when a person is sincere. Transparency is the trump card. I always try to set a good example, but it must first start with me, if it's a forced thing it doesn't have the same effect. [...] Then the children are the first who know how to recognize sincerity.

Faced with the request to share which, in your opinion, is the best example that can come from comics to the very new generations, especially to people who do not they had a familiar starting point as important as hers, the singer said:

I think that Elettra connected to machines no longer exists, I'm the first to not talk about it because I don't care. I don't have to feel guilty for being born into this family. How many people are there with very important surnames with grandchildren who are not going anywhere? I do this because I like it, it has always been what I wanted to make music. I am just Elettra the singer and above all many people no longer even look at the surname [...] many people even think that it is an art name. There is no example to be given. It is a pictured book. If I had wanted to give an example I would have written an autobiography by the first person who specializes in this and I would have been here to tell you how difficult my life has been and instead I am not, I'm here, I throw this wonderful comic book in your face and why not I feel the need to come here to tell an Electra, why? I'm no different from you, I simply have an important surname, it weighs but I don't have to carry it around all my life. I think it's the character of a person that makes the difference.

Elettra Lamborghini and the world of comics

Speaking of the Lucca Comics event and the world of comics in general, Elettra Lamborghini admitted to not knowing many aspects of it. Although she has heard very good things about the fair, she confessed that she has never visited it, not being interested in the nerdy world. According to what she says, her readings focus on books on psychology, food and inner well-being but she fondly remembers the comics she read as a child, especially those of Mickey and Donald, and said that, if she ever decides to approach the world cosplay, would dress up as Goofy.

Speaking instead of fairs in general, the singer was asked if she thought it right to do the Lucca Changes event anyway, although the modalities are very different from those of the usual Lucca Comics and Games. I would know, because for example I am a great lover of horses and every year in this period there is the Verona horse fair, I was very happy that many stands have canceled because there was no possibility. Now this is a completely different thing and the important thing is to stay safe, obviously it's not like previous years. So I don't know, if it's honestly safe until you can gladly, but I can't even imagine what the last edition could be like because I live this as the new normal.

Fans will be able to follow the presentation live by Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm on the Lucca Changes official website starting at 3.30pm.

Find the new comic Elettra Lamborghini and the goddess of rhythm at this link

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