Echo Dot 4th Gen (2020) | Review

Echo Dot 4th Gen (2020) | Review
Amazon has revamped many of its Echo devices, going from a boxy design to rounded, harmonious lines. Echo Dot does not escape this restyle. If you want to buy a new Alexa voice assistant it clearly makes sense to opt for the fourth generation Echo Dot, but if you already have an Echo Dot device, is it worth updating with the newcomer?

How is it fact

Definitely more attractive than the first version, Echo Dot is available in a basic version and one with an integrated clock, completely hidden under the fabric cover. It is a small sphere with a flat bottom that seems to come out of the surface on which you will place it; the Led Ring is positioned in the lower part, and the luminous halo is reflected on the shelf below.

Behind you will find the connector for the power supply and an audio jack, while the buttons for volume control, activation of the the assistant and microphone mute are above, not perfectly in the center but shifted a few millimeters towards the rear. This choice makes the appearance a little asymmetrical, but helps not to break the roundness of the sphere when viewed from the front.

User experience

The Alexa voice assistant is integrated into all its faculties, and it works no differently than the previous generation Echo. The speaker, in terms of size and power, is the same as the third generation Echo Dot, but instead of being positioned horizontally on the floor, in the newcomer it is slightly tilted forward. This solution affects the perceived sound, being more directional, and the sensation is that of a higher quality and power than the previous model. But not only that, since the dimensions of the speaker are higher, it is able to generate a higher sound pressure and therefore offer a better bass performance.

The interaction with the voice assistant, as mentioned, does not change, in this case we therefore have the same strengths and weaknesses that we find on other products.

The voice is always identified well, and we haven't noticed any major changes in microphone performance, nor in terms of connectivity.


The new fourth generation Echo Dot performs just as well as the previous model of third generation, improving the quality and power of the audio.

The physical controls, as they are positioned, lose some ergonomics, however there will be few situations in which you will prefer them over voice interaction.

The design is probably more elegant, or at least more refined, than the third generation model, but it is clearly a subjective judgment. Perhaps a flaw is the impossibility of hiding it or attaching it to the socket with a special holder, as happened with the previous model (even if new wall mounts are already appearing)

If you already have an Echo Dot third generation, there are not many reasons to change it with the newcomer. On the contrary, the new fourth generation Echo Dot is proposed as an excellent entry choice for the world of Alexa voice assistants, and you can choose the basic model, priced at 59.99 euros, or the version with integrated clock at ten euro more.

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