Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, Deepstone Crypt raid guide

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, Deepstone Crypt raid guide
After having told you our preliminary impressions and after having rattled off our every judgment regarding Destiny 2: Beyond the Light in our review, today we want to focus on the main activity of the Destiny end-game experience: the raid. The Crypt of Pietrafonda, this is the name of the new raid, is a very suggestive raid, rich in sci-fi elements and full of mystery deriving from the intrinsic lore of this famous place. So let's see how to best deal with it.

The beginning

Let's start from a bit of background. The Crypt of Pietrafonda is a hyper-technological laboratory, a place used for experimentation and research. Clovis Bray, the scientist who created this place, put his efforts to seek eternal life, finding it through murky and unconventional experiments and creating the Exo in the process. The research that we, together with the Unknown Exo will conduct on Clovis Bray's studies on the Stasi will lead us to explore the Crypt and the dark mysteries that the Eliksni threat hides inside.

Since the position of the Crypt is not known, once the activity has started we will find ourselves having to find the entrance as a first step. Here, therefore, in addition to the usual cleaning of the minions scattered around the location, we will have to locate the entrance during a snowstorm. Staying with the goshawk outside the illuminated areas will cause you the Gelone malus that once you reach x10 will cause the death of the owner. The strategy is simple, move from safe zone to safe zone avoiding Gelone reaching x10. Follow the lights in the blizzard and you will quickly arrive at the entrance.

Once inside the laboratory, past the initial corridors, you will arrive at the first real encounter: the security of the Crypt. Here you will get to know the main mechanics of the whole raid: the upgrades. In this encounter we will have the Operator upgrade and the Scanner upgrade. The squads will split into two guardians in the white room, three in the black room, and a guardian who once he has recovered the Operator upgrade from an enemy in the rooms will descend downstairs. Who will stay in the two rooms upstairs will have to clean all the enemies giving priority to the Sentinels and will have to manage the Scanner upgrade. The scanner, also recovered from an enemy, will allow the owner to see some illuminated elements. The operator, on the other hand, thanks to the upgrade, will be able to interact with otherwise unusable panels. The goal is to hit the right panels thanks to the scanner's indications to lower the security defenses and to be able to do damage to the large pipes (three per room) in the center.

To do this, however, there are two steps : the first consists of the presence of the scanner upstairs and the second of the scanner downstairs. When the scanner is upstairs it will have to be passed from the black room to the white room through the exchange station (the two rooms will in fact be sealed) and those in charge of holding the upgrade in both rooms will have to call, looking through the glass on the floor , which panels the downstairs operator will need to hit. In the second step, however, the operator will have to exchange his upgrade with the scanner so that he can indicate which tube to hit first. If you hit the pipes in the wrong order, the game will be lost immediately. When the scanner is downstairs, the wearer will see the fuses at the tubes light up in the order they will be destroyed and this must be communicated to the remaining guardians in the rooms. Two laps done well and the safety will be only a distant memory.

Atraks-1 and the descent

After the safety, the Crypt of Pietrafonda will put you in front of what is the Encounter longest and most complex of the whole raid: the clash with Atraks-1. The battle with the Exo-Eliksni will also take place in two distinct areas and communication between the Guardians will be essential. The team will split into two teams of three: one will stay in the lab and one will use the special shuttles to go to space. Again, Operator and Scanner will have to work together. The boss can only be hit in certain phases and therefore do not take into consideration the eight copies (four downstairs and four upstairs) present in the rooms, just avoid their shots. Once the clash begins, the minions with focus on the stilettos will be cleaned, once they are eliminated the Sentinels and the two enemies carrying the Upgrades will arrive. The scanner will be recoverable upstairs (in the Space) and the Operator downstairs. Once you have both recovered, the Operator upgrade will be passed to the Space team and will remain there for the entire fight. As for the Scanner, he must immediately check which of the copies upstairs will be illuminated, communicate it and have the whole team gather there to do damage to that copy.

Once this is done, he will have to pass the upgrade to the "ground floor" team. During this process, the third squad member will retrieve the item left behind by the Atraks copy and head to one of the open rooms on the sides. Here the operator will shoot a panel purifying the player inside the room. Downstairs the mechanics will be the same with the only difference that the bearer of the malus released by the boss will have to use an elevator to go and purify himself upstairs.

Once this sequence of damage and purification is completed , the boss's life should have reached the last notch in the gauge. Here all six players will have to assemble upstairs and the scanner will have to communicate which copy to hit. If you've been quick enough and done enough damage (use the Falling Guillotine if you have it) just deal damage to two copies to complete the encounter. After this phase you will find yourself going through different corridors and through different rooms before exiting into Space. Here a platforming section (really suggestive) in an "open universe" rather than in the open air, will accompany you to the room of the next, and penultimate, encounter.

Taniks and the final challenge

After the outing in Space, you will find yourself faced with a new encounter without damage. The descent to Europe will in fact be a test of skill and coordination with your companions as well as a training ground for the new enhancement called Suppressor. The whole team will be in one room and the roles will be these: the operator will shoot the panels to release the nuclear cells, the scanner will indicate the two (of four) containers in which to deposit the cells and the suppressor will shoot the three floating spheres in the room to stun the boss and unlock the containers.

The only unknown is the upgrade timeout. After having deposited the two charges, in fact, one of the owners of the upgrade will receive a timeout notice that will force him to deposit his role within the usual exchange stations. Here, a team member free from office will pick him up and replace the person in timeout. Complete these actions until the hatch in the middle of the room opens, at which point drop down and head for the final fight.

Once you have fallen on Europa, among the rubble and the remains of the rooms where you were previously there will be Taniks, the abomination, or the final boss of this raid. The mechanics of this battle are a variation on the theme of the previous ones. The roles are the same and the timeout also, only two mechanics change: the first is the role of the operator who will now have to shoot the purple bubble that will envelop the cell carriers to free them. The second concerns the nuclear cells, which must now be obtained by shooting the illuminated areas on the boss's aircraft. In short, the scanner checks the illuminated deposits, the suppressor unlocks them, the cells are brought in and the operator frees the imprisoned Guardians. In addition to all this there is the damage phase to the boss.

After completing two rounds of cell positioning (therefore four cells in total) the boss will position himself in the center of the map and it will be possible to damage him. Around the boss there will be two electric circles, in the second of which debris will rotate. The only way not to die and do damage to the boss is to stay between the two circles. Have the sorcerer place a Source of Radiance, use a Divinity to maximize the critical damage point, and fire with Xenophagy, Golden Gun and Nighthawk or whatever large DPS weapon you prefer. If done right, in two rounds you should bring life to its final part. As with Atraks, Taniks will also have a final phase. In this case the Boss will continue to move throughout the map shooting you, you simply have to hit it and defeat it as quickly as possible. Once this is done, you will have successfully explored the Deep Stone Crypt, thus earning your deserved glory.

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