Curved is better: a discount folds the display

Curved is better: a discount folds the display
What changes between a curved and a flat monitor? Difficult to explain, but the sensation for those who experience it is immediately particular, interesting, exciting. With the increase in the inches of the new generation displays, the curved monitor solution soon established itself as a valid option to allow working at close range with ever greater performance, improving the viewing angle and allowing you to work on surfaces previously unimaginable or with a lower overall quality.

Curved is better

In the light of this novelty that is now imposing itself in the world of displays, both for the home and for the office, they become particularly greedy discounts such as the one offered by eBay for the 32 ″ C32F391 monitor (1920 × 1080 pixels), the cost of which drops from 229.99 to 159.99 euros. The 30% discount on a model of this type is a real red carpet for those who are looking with curiosity at the curved monitors to capture the soul and glimpse how it can improve the user experience.

The advantages are mainly two. The first relates to the reflected lights, which on a curved screen tend to be smaller since the entire surface tends to curve in the direction of the user: the right orientation is sufficient to improve vision over the entire surface, without external disturbances. The second relates to the fact that the entire surface of the screen is almost at the same distance from the face, without forcing the eye to continually focus while moving quickly from a central tab to a side icon. These are thousands of rapid and continuous movements that, throughout the day, weigh on the experience of work or study without us noticing it: the curvature of the display comes to the rescue, calming eye fatigue in the longest hours of operation. .

The Samsung screen has A ++ energy efficiency thanks to the LED panel, 16: 9 aspect ratio and white back color (resulting extremely elegant even in its less noble part). Those who are teased by the curved display perspective will find a real temptation in this 30% discount. Our editorial team has been testing curved displays for a while with extreme satisfaction: a few hours of acclimatization, after which the feeling is that of a welcoming "environment" which, instead of forcing the eye to reach the image, allows the image to reach the eye. The curved monitor is a real hug, in short, which in a multiplicity of occasions can prove to be accommodating and a great stimulus for overall performance. Expanding the surface on the display already represents a real boost, but only the curvature can really optimize what the visual impulse is.

Seeing is believing.

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