Crowdfunding: the best geek projects - November 2020

Crowdfunding: the best geek projects - November 2020
Crowdfunding is a funding technique that starts from the bottom and that allows you to obtain funds thanks to donations from users interested in a specific project. Over the years, dozens of platforms have been created regarding various types of Crowdfunding. From Kickstarter to Indiegogo and from DeRev to Eppela, let's take a look at the most interesting and curious geek projects of November 2020.

Best Crowfundings November 2020

AKASO P'achakuna Mindnap Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game Shower Power


This is the smallest 4K 30fps resolution camera ever made and is especially useful for Vlogs thanks to the EIS 2.0 optical stabilizer and a maximum recording of 60 minutes. This small camera has a viewing angle of 124 ° FOV and is IP56 certified to record videos even in Slow Motion or Time Lapse or take photos up to 20 MP even under water.

Going back a moment to dimensions, the AKASO camera is the size of a keychain with dimensions of 63 x 33 mm and a weight of just 36 grams. This allows it to be inserted in any place such as in a car, in a backpack, in a T-shirt as if it were the pendant of a necklace, but also in the collar of your dog to make very original movies. All this is possible thanks to a clip and a magnetic support.

Platform where Crowdfunding is present: Indiegogo Economic objective: 8,550 euros Project deadline: 1 December 2020


P’achakuna is a board game for 2 players based on a unique and modular chessboard. Both players follow their own paths on the same board, but they are never completely separated from each other. The rules of the game are easy to learn and allow for a quick and easy start. However, the depth of the game and the high replay value should not be underestimated. Each game comes with an exclusive woven bag handmade and produced in Bolivia to help even the small artisan businesses of the country.

In P'achakuna, set off on a journey to the heart of the Andes together with a other player. In the game you are a merchant carrying natural dyes ("resources") across the ever-changing Andes with your most faithful companion: the llama. The player with the white llamas only moves through green valleys, while the player with the black llamas can only climb arid mountains. By rotating the hexes double-sided, both players build their own paths.

As a trader, you only make money by supplying resources to villages in high demand. With the reserve resources, you can purchase more llamas or perform additional rotations. The player who collects all 7 resources first wins the game. All the components of the P'achakuna game are linguistically neutral and only the short manual of just two pages contains the text and Italian is also present.

Platform where Crowdfunding is present: Kickstarter Economic objective: 18,667 euro Project deadline: December 2, 2020


Are you under pressure from studies, work or life in general? You could try to relax with meditation and Mindnap could be the solution. This device can help you monitor your breathing with the vibration function and detect your true mental state with a built-in ECG sensor. Some methods like breathing practice and meditation derive from ancient wisdom that can really help.

Mindnap is a small device that, after connecting it to your smartphone or tablet, must be held in your hand to capture the vibrations. The user must inhale when the vibrations become stronger and exhale when they become softer. This guided insight provides a clear point of navigation and yours while it will find its way as easily as a boat finding shore in the midst of the rushing sea. Mindnap's vibration frequency can be manually adjusted or deactivated so that you can set and follow a simple and easy-to-memorize guide.

During meditation, the biometric sensor built into the device will continuously monitor the meditation phase and the physical state accurately. All data will then be transferred to the phone via Bluetooth, analyzed by the application algorithm and converted into visual feedback. It is a device suitable for everyone, both for newcomers to meditation and for experts. The application itself presents a clean, minimalist, but elegant interface that allows you not only to learn the art of meditation, but also that of correct breathing and to follow all the results in real time.

Platform where it is Crowdfunding present: Kickstarter Economic Goal: € 4,271 Project Deadline: November 5, 2020

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game

Darkest Dungeon is a critically acclaimed video game developed by Red Hook Studios and released in January 2016. After selling more than 4 million copies of the base game and more than 8 million copies with the DLC, it is time for the game to leave the screens and approach the table with the new Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game.

Darkest Dungeon: The Board Game is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler in which players take on the role of adventurers. Though brave and determined, adventurers are only humans and therefore prone to the madness and pain that the dungeons will inflict on them. Death can come, but it's not the worst fate: heroes can be driven mad and beyond help.

The game is divided into campaigns of 11 missions and in order to reach the Darkest Dungeon itself, players will have to undertake 3 missions of different threat levels and defeat the boss. At that point they will be strong enough to face the horrors of the Darkest Dungeon, but from the latter they can emerge victorious or eternally damned. To embellish the game, at least from the photos, there are the wonderful and numerous miniatures with attention to every detail.

Platform where Crowdfunding is present: Kickstarter Economic objective: 256,310 euros Project deadline: November 6, 2020

Shower Power

Ampere's Shower Power is a waterproof speaker that generates its full power from water, so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts and audio books in the bathroom. Designed to fit any shower head, it's also made from recycled ocean plastic.

This speaker features Hydropower technology that will never leave you without music. Once installed, in fact, Shower Power must never be removed and this thanks to the proprietary hydroelectric system. The latter works like a water wheel in a dam: before the flow of the shower reaches the shower head, it rotates an internal gear connected to a mini-generator that charges a battery.

The moment the water starts flowing, Shower Power starts charging. It then automatically connects to your device via the Bluetooth connection. The volume of the 360 ​​° audio, the songs and the switching on / off of the device can be adjusted using the rubber buttons on the surface of the Shower Power.

Platform where Crowdfunding is present: Kickstarter Economic objective : 12.815 euros Project deadline: 26 December 2020

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