Big power in a small space? Silverstone launches the first 1000W SFX power supply

Big power in a small space? Silverstone launches the first 1000W SFX power supply
The SFX power supplies have small dimensions, are suitable for configurations with small form factors and are available in different variants with powers ranging from 350-450W up to 750-850W, at least until now. In fact, Silverstone unveiled its brand new SST-SX1000-LPT which offers 1000W, meeting the needs of the most demanding consumers. This is the first unit to feature such a feature but, unfortunately, its availability remains unknown at the moment.

SST-SX1000-LPT SFX is a fully modular 1000W 80 PLUS Platinum certified power supply with SFX form factor- L . The drive comes with all the cables needed for a high-end machine, including a 24-pin, a 4 + 4-pin CPU connector, dual 6 + 2 PCI-E connectors, four SATA, three molex and a 4p floppy connector .

From a specification point of view, the unit is equipped with 25A + 3.3V and + 5V rails. More specifically, the + 12V is capable of delivering 83.3A, + 5VSB 3.0A and -12V 0.3A. As for efficiency, the unit is able to achieve about 90% efficiency with a load of 20% -100%, a very good result. As for cooling, Silverstone SST-SX1000-LPT SFX is equipped with a 120mm fan with a passive mode when the power consumption is less than 200W. If you maintain 300-700 W, the fan runs at the very low value of 900rpm, while if you exceed 800W the fan goes up to 1.400-1.750rpm.

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Overall, the unit seems like the perfect solution for powering today's gaming machines. With the introduction of NVIDIA's Ampere GPUs and Intel's 10th Generation CPU Core, power consumption has increased significantly for high-end systems, making 750W power supplies a prerequisite to provide enough power to these behemoths.

The compact SilverStone SUGO 14 case is ideal for creating small configurations. You can find it on Amazon at a discounted price!

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