Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, guide to easter eggs

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, guide to easter eggs
The videogame world has always been a medium dear to postmodern aesthetics, especially as regards the concept of "citation".

The so-called Easter Eggs are present in practically every videogame production, whether small or large . Obviously, the wider the game world, the easier it will be to insert small goodies that will make fans of the object mentioned happy.

The latest chapter of the Assassin's Creed saga seems to make this quotation tradition one of its strengths. Let's see how to find some of these quotes in this guide to Assassin's Creed Valhalla easter eggs.

Fantastic fish and where to find them

Let's start with a very light quote, namely that to Fantastic Beasts and Where find them.

First manual created by JK herself Rowling to describe some of the creatures of the famous Harry Potter literary saga, then a real spin-off of the eponymous film saga with two films under its belt, this easter egg is extremely easy to find.

It will be enough for you. build the Yanli store at your settlement, access it and find, among the items sold, three pages of a guide to find all the fish in the game (extremely useful, by the way).

So not only a direct reference to a much loved franchise, but also an extremely contextualized quote to a game element quite similar to the one mentioned.


Near the ruins of Venois, in Ledecestrescire, along the river bank, you will be able to hear a woman's voice coming from a nearby seemingly abandoned tower. As you approach it, you will notice a soldier in front of the door, while a woman's voice wonders if a knight has finally arrived to save her.

If you offer to save the princess from the "kidnapper", you will have to face the latter in a duel. We let you discover the epilogue of this strange game event.

Covid and references to the pandemic

When you check Layla out of the Animus simulation, you have the opportunity to browse inside the camp set up by your small team (a bit like it also happens in other chapters of the saga).

If you approach your laptop and read through the emails that arrive, you will notice a very particular conversation between Layla and some of her acquaintances, who wonder where it ended up. Among the various suppositions, they wonder if it has disappeared due to Covid.

Surely a very current little easter egg, which will remind players that they will be working on it in a few years the delicate period during which the game is been released.

Ellie and The Last Of Us

Also outside the Animus, you can find a guitar resting on the sofa near the simulator station.

If you look carefully (perhaps with the help of the game's photo mode), we can read the brand to which it belongs, namely Ellie, on the headstock of the guitar. Judging by the elements involved, it seems difficult to think of a coincidence.

The Lord of the Rings

Perhaps in the Italian version this quote is a bit drawn to the hair, but if you stay faithful to the original the situation tends to change.

Near Grantebridge you can find a small island inhabited by a single person, the self-styled king of Norsexe. By completing this mission, you will come across some features that create a bizarre similarity between the individual and one of The Lord of the Rings' most iconic characters, Gollum. Also in this case we let you discover the details, but, if you want, we have created a special guide.

H.P. Lovecraft, Game of Thrones and The Legend Of Zelda

In the fortress of Dunwic, in East Anglia, you can find several easter eggs. A dungeon room contains three of them.

First of all, for Game Of Thrones lovers it will be impossible not to make a direct comparison with another very famous cell without a wall that gives directly onto the void (but it could be just a coincidence).

The second thing that catches the eye is certainly the inordinate amount of chickens that invade the room. Right in the tradition of a video game milestone like The Legend of Zelda, if we hit one, all the poultry will start attacking us, even if they were a pack of ravenous wolves.

Finally, you can find a letter reporting the growing madness of one of the prisoners. The reference to talking spiders and the name of the place can only bring to mind one of the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, The horror of Dunwich.

The bonfire of Dark Souls

In Ledecestre, just behind the study of the Assassins of the city, there is a bonfire that resembles in all respects one of those that characterize one of the most loved games of recent years, Dark Souls. We don't know if we had a problem, but it seems that we can't interact with it.

Death Stranding and the long deliveries

One of the most elaborate and satisfying quotes in the game is certainly the relative one. in Death Stranding.

To find the easter egg you will first have to build the general store at your settlement. Once this is done, you can find some items on the back that have not been delivered. The note reports some places. If you take these objects to their rightful owners scattered around England, you will receive silver in exchange.

The peculiarity is that you will have to deliver them on foot. No horse. You can only rely on your legs (or some boats). Also for this easter egg we have created a special guide.

Horcruxes, Voldemort and Harry Potter

Lunden is one of the most particular places in the game and, certainly, also the one with more references to culture popular. One of the best Easter eggs in town, however, is the one involving Harry Potter.

Near the town's western harbor is a small house guarded by a snake. Inside it is possible to find different objects on a table and a sheet, where the names of seven elements are reported which, coincidentally, are the same as Voldemort's Horcruxes.

In addition, there are also different ingredients ( reminiscent of those for making magical potions) is four drapes with the relative colors of the houses of the Harry Potter saga.

If you want to know more, read our dedicated guide.

These are the best easter eggs we've found (so far) in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Obviously, help us in the comments to find more.

Surely we have missed a lot, so share with all the readers the ones you found during your game (without spoiling too many, of course).

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