All Might (Grandista) Manga Dimension by Banpresto: the review

All Might (Grandista) Manga Dimension by Banpresto: the review
All Might, taken from the My Hero Academia series, is the brand new figure made of PVC that we analyzed in preview for the Grandista line of Banpresto / Bandai Spirits in the version with Manga Dimension coloring.

This particular line is characterized by a special coloring which, used on the character, is able to return an "optical illusion" capable of giving an effect very similar to the shadows created by the drawings seen in the manga pages.

The character

All Might whose real name is Toshinori Yagi is one of many characters from the My Hero Academia Manga. He is actually a frail and sickly man while in his hero form he presents himself as a mighty and muscular hero, almost stereotyping the superhero genre.

All Might, in the anime and manga, is the highest-ranking hero in all of Japan and serves as a pillar of hope and justice for the heroes of the world and is for them and for the ordinary citizens a source of inspiration to follow. Only his presence inspires fear to the bad guys as no one can resist his enormous power.

Toshinori Yagi is born without quirk and inherits his powers from Nana Shimura, thus becoming the eighth owner of the Quirk One For All. This particular power allows him to accumulate an enormous amount of pure energy, thus allowing him to significantly improve all of his physical abilities to a superhuman level.

The packaging

The packaging is very different from the classic Banpresto productions that we are used to seeing normally on the shelves. The first thing we observe is the size of the statue inside which reaches about 30 cm and is completely assembled and not supplied in pieces like other lines of the same manufacturer. The second thing is the graphics of the packaging that recalls the pages of a manga with various transparent windows that allow us to peek at the product inside.

All Might (Grandista) Manga Dimension

All Might in the Grandista version had already been released in recent months and we have reviewed it right in the pages of pop culture. Looking at the old photos we can confirm that the sculpture of the product has not undergone any changes compared to the standard version. Surely the coloring is the singular part of this edition, but what exactly does it consist of you are wondering?

As you can see from the shots we have taken, this static returns a sort of "two-dimensional effect" obtained by applying it to the entire surface, clothes and body, a second color on top of the existing one. In fact, if we look closely at the statue at a certain distance, we have the perception of being in front of the character directly "out" from the manga. All Might is really impressive, in fact it measures almost 30 cm in height and we see it in its typical hero pose showing all its titanic muscles.


What we find ourselves in between hands, it is not the classic canonical product that we have always been used to seeing in these types of figures and most likely it is not suitable for everyone in terms of aesthetic taste (even if for us it is really cool!).

Definitely this statue is at its best if inserted in a collection composed of other products belonging to the Manga Dimension series.

If you are a fan of the character, give yourself a gift because it is seriously worth the purchase. If we wanted to find a defect, the only one of a perfect statue from every point of view, we could say that we did not like the choice of reproposing the support at the base as in the previous version, which appears visibly invasive, probably in other colors or maybe in transparent plastic would have troubled the critical eye of a collector less.

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