4K video surveillance at a price never seen before

4K video surveillance at a price never seen before
A high-end video surveillance system, with a discount that exceeds that of Prime Day. In short, the offer is served, although it is destined to run out relatively quickly. The calculation of convenience is soon done: over 300 euros, bringing the product down to a price threshold never reached before: this is the effect of the "Black Friday in advance" that Amazon will carry out until November 19 to calm down possible problems which in all probability shipping services will suffer in the last part of the year.

Reolink, more discounted than on Prime Day

The offer is related to the Reolink 16CH kit with 8 outdoor video cameras in 4K definition. All this is completed by a 3TB HDD which, connected by cable to the 8 shooting channels, allows the recording of images and remote viewing via connection to the Network.

The cameras in equipment have an image definition of 3840 × 2160, thus being able to capture every single detail with extreme quality. Furthermore, the length of the cables does not imply image degradation, which guarantees full quality even where long perimeters must be traveled between the camera and the hub.

All this is available for 779 euros, much less than 1081 euro list and even below the recent flash offer on the occasion of Prime Day. In short, a real offer with a return window extended to January 31st by virtue of a special returns policy applied by Amazon on the occasion of this anomalous 2020.

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