Dashcam | The best of 2022

Dashcam | The best of 2022

Dash cams are amazing products used by many motorists. It is no coincidence that they are able to meet different needs, such as improving driving safety (recording a video can give a big hand to resolve a dispute followed by a road accident) or for leisure (such as capturing a series of images of a particular landscape or make movies that can be viewed later). Although the installation of these devices on your car does not involve any type of savings on the RCA, these products can improve road safety and therefore give great satisfaction to all car enthusiasts.

The dash cams present themselves as real video surveillance cameras for motorists. Installation in the car can be essential to capture what happens while driving. As we have said, being in possession of videos is in fact useful in the event of an accident or a claim. Not surprisingly, these cameras are usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield, although some users prefer to install one also for the rear area, and automatically record everything that happens while driving on the internal memory or on an SD card.
The installation of a dashcam on board is permitted by law but it is good to respect some safety rules. As reported in art. 141, paragraph 2, of the Highway Code, the driver must always maintain control of his vehicle and be able to carry out all the necessary maneuvers in safety conditions, especially the timely stopping of the vehicle within the limits of his field of vision and in the face of any foreseeable obstacle. It is therefore a good idea to install the camera so as not to obstruct the field of view to avoid jeopardizing your own safety but also that of others.

However, there are some limits that guarantee respect for the privacy of other motorists or passers-by who could be filmed by the dashcam:

The data recorded by the camera must not be systematically communicated or disclosed to third parties; The dash cams must be used by a natural person for the exercise of exclusively personal activities. The filming field of view must be limited only to the space necessary for the pre-established purposes, therefore to the protection and protection of the vehicle owner in the event of accidents or other significant events occurring during road traffic. As in all market segments, dash cams have many technical features and it is necessary to buy the product that best meets your needs. In this buying guide we will explain what are the best dash cams of the moment, considering the value for money, which is now essential for those who want to buy a product without affecting much on the wallet. Our point of reference is Amazon Italia which continues to offer excellent after-sales assistance in case the device should have problems.

The best dashcam

ViviLink T20X Dashcam WiFi GKU Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dashcam Garmin Dashcam Mini 2 Garmin Dash Cam 56 Dashcam REDTIGER 4K

ViviLink T20X

We could not start this buying guide with a cheap product but with great potential. Its name is ViviLink T20X, a dashcam that has a system consisting of six lenses with WDR technology to create sharp videos in 2.5K at 30 fps (significantly sharper than the resolution in 1080p). Its 3-inch screen, on the other hand, makes it easier to navigate the operating system menu to set up recording and capturing moving images. This dashcam also has night mode, capable of capturing video at night with extreme ease.

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Dashcam WiFi GKU

The dashcam from manufacturer GKU is the reliable companion in traffic because it is capable of recording Full HD video with a 170 degree field of view. At the same time, it manages to offer images both in sunlight and during the night. Although the device has no display, it is possible to view the recordings made directly on the smartphone using the dedicated app. With continuous recording, this small camera guarantees considerable help in case of unexpected accidents. Not surprisingly, the presence of a high-performance sensor and the 6-chip F2.0 street view aperture help to clearly capture everything around the vehicle. With a completely economic cost, this dashcam enters the Olympus of this market segment by right.

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Xiaomi 70mai Smart dashcam

Xiaomi is a company that produces different types of objects, from smartphones to security cameras, but not only! As the third product of this guide, we present the Smart 70mai dashcam, a small camera developed to improve road safety, especially in an emergency. With a viewing angle of 130 degrees, this small device is able to record videos in Full HD resolution and, thanks to the presence of the updated SONY IMX307 image sensor, image details are clear even in low light conditions. Furthermore, by downloading the app it is possible to view the videos of the dashcam in real time, while for a simple and intuitive control it is possible to use the voice commands.

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Garmin Dashcam Mini 2

With a field of view of 140 degrees and a camera resolution of 1080P, the Garmin mini 2 dashcam is a device with enormous potential because thanks to Garmin Clarity ™ HDR optics you can record sharp videos, with clear details, both day and night. In the event of an accident, the Garmin dashcam is able to automatically save videos before, during and after the occurrence of the event in order to allow valid acquisition of the recording. To improve the driving experience, there is the possibility of using voice commands to communicate to the camera to save a video, start and stop audio recording or take photos. Its refined and refined design has also been designed to withstand and avoid damage from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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Garmin Dash Cam 56

As the penultimate product of this special buying guide, we advise you to consider a Garmin dashcam, despite a not exactly low selling price (about 170 euros). The product in question is known as Garmin Dash Cam 56, it records video at 1440p (2K) with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. In addition to recording clear video, this dashcam integrates a GPS system capable of efficiently triangulating the position of potentially harmful events for the car and for all those present in the passenger compartment. Finally, it is compatible with the proprietary Garmin Drive application to download recordings made while traveling on your smartphone.

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Let's finish this guide with another product with a rather high cost, but which stands out thanks to excellent technical specifications. The REDTIGER dashcam is equipped with a powerful 6-layer lens with F1.5 aperture and HDR / WDR technology, which balances the light and dark parts of the recording in bright or dark scenes, capturing clear images even at night. However, thanks to its dual cameras, a 170-degree front capable of recording sharp videos up to UHD 4K (3840 * 2160P) and a wide-angle rear with 140 ° FHD 1080P resolution, the device is capable of shooting a recording area. wide, also covering the blind spots of the human eye. Furthermore, being compatible with Android and iOS, it can interface with most of the smartphones in circulation and allows you to watch videos and images directly on your device. There is also the integrated GPS that allows you to record the distance traveled, the speed and many other information that may be useful to the user. Compared to the 1080P front camera, REDTIGER's 3840 * 2160P camera can shoot and record high definition and high quality images or videos.

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How to choose a dashcam

To conclude, we explain what are the characteristics to consider when you want to buy a dashcam. Among these displays, image quality, size, lens, power and battery, suction cup support.

Display Image quality and field of view Resolution Lens Power and battery Wifi and Gps Smartphone support Support suction cup


Let's start talking about some features that distinguish car cameras with display. Most of the models on the market host a touch screen to further simplify the use of the dashcam. However, we reiterate that not all dash cams are equipped with their own display, in this case, however, the connection of the device with the smartphone, via the app, allows you to view all the videos saved.

Image quality and field of view

Image quality is one of the aspects to take into greater consideration before purchasing a dashcam, because a product that records clear videos allows you to give more emphasis to videos, especially to resolve a road dispute . Consequently, a dashcam with a better field of view allows you to capture frames that are normally excluded from a mediocre product.


Among the features to be taken into consideration for a valid purchase there is certainly the resolution, an element that indicates the number of pixels in the movie frame. Not surprisingly, a dashcam with a higher resolution allows you to get clear and defined videos. On the market, the most widespread is undoubtedly Full HD which is distinguished from HD precisely by the number of pixels, 1920 × 1080 pixels the first and 1280 × 720 pixels the second. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more efficient accessory with an additional resolution, it is advisable to purchase a 4K (Ultra HD) dashcam that offers a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.


It might seem less important than resolution but we are faced with a parameter to be carefully evaluated at the time of purchase. A dashcam equipped with a wide or ultra wide angle lens will inevitably have a different video rendering, with a very wide field of view (180 °).

Power and battery

Another aspect to keep in mind in mind is nutrition. A dashcam is normally equipped with an internal battery, but you need to connect a power cable that allows you to deliver constant energy to the small camera. The battery is needed during the night, when the vehicle is off, and a greater capacity allows you to keep the dashcam on all night.

Wifi and Gps

The most dashcam models performing are equipped with technologies such as WiFi and Gps connectivity. The presence of the latter allows in fact to geolocalize the event that was recorded while the WiFi connectivity with smartphone allows you to view and download the videos through the App, without having to remove the microSD.

Smartphone support

If the display is to be considered among the most important features for a dashcam, because it allows you to see first-hand the recordings just made and, in the event of a road accident, to demonstrate your version, support a smartphone is necessary to be able to save images or a sequence of frames on your device, to prevent the product from overwriting its memory with new recordings.

Suction cup holder

The suction cup holder it is undoubtedly necessary to be able to install the dashcam on your car. Its presence in the package is important but many times the products are not sold together with this small accessory.

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