Qatar 2022 World Cup, where to watch all the matches (on TV and streaming)

Qatar 2022 World Cup, where to watch all the matches (on TV and streaming)

Qatar 2022 World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup organized by the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar kicks off on 20 November. This new edition of the championship that will decide the new team at the top of the world of football is also the most particular edition in the history of this competition. In fact, there have been many controversies regarding the organization of the World Cup by Qatar (the first nation in the Middle East to host a World Cup) with accusations of worker exploitation and huge sums spent on the construction of new stadiums and the compliance of various infrastructure of the country. In addition to this, however, the 2022 edition of the World Championships is the first in history to take place in autumn instead of in summer as has always been the case. The reasons are simply due to the country's climate, which reaches peaks of 50 degrees in the summer, which would have made it impossible to carry out the matches.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will once again be a tournament made up of a total of 32 teams, apparently it will also be the last with this formula, given that in the 2026 edition the teams will rise to 48 Matches will begin on November 20 with the opening of the home team, Qatar, which will face the South American national team of Ecuador. The tournament will take place as per tradition, with a Group Stage that will last until 2 December, followed by the Round of 16 which will take place from 3 to 6 December, the Quarter Finals will instead be on 9 and 10 December, the Semi-finals on 13 and 14 December, and finally the Final on 18 December, preceded by that for third and fourth place on 17.

The team to beat is France, World Champions during the 2018 Russia edition, where they won the tournament by beating Croatia 4-2 in the final. However, there are many favorite teams aiming for the title, even if the names are very classic: Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain and Germany are among the most quoted teams for the final victory, but the forecasts are not always very accurate and, above all in the world of football, the surprise is just around the corner.

If you want to watch the World Cup in Qatar, here is a quick guide on all the matches that will be played during the tournament, starting from the Group Stage to the knockout stage. For each match, the channel in which it will be broadcast and the time it will start will also be indicated. Please come back to visit this page in the future, as it will be constantly updated with new fixtures on the calendar as the tournament progresses.

World Cup in Qatar 2022: Group Stage fixtures

The television rights to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar have been bought entirely by Rai, which will have exclusive rights to all matches of the tournament. In total there will be 64 matches, these will be broadcast mainly on Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai Sport. These will be the three channels where all the matches will be broadcast, and you don't have to worry about paying for any subscription, because all the matches will be visible in the clear for free. And if you are forced or prefer to watch matches in streaming, then you can take advantage of the RaiPlay app where you can watch all 14 Rai channels live, both from PC and mobile. Now let's see what are the matches of the Group Stage:

Sunday 20 November 17:00: Qatar-Ecuador (Rai 1) Monday 21 November 14:00: England-Iran (Rai 2) 20: 00: United States-Wales (Rai 1) 17:00: Senegal-Netherlands (Rai 2) Tuesday 22 November 11:00: Argentina-Saudi Arabia (Rai 2) 14:00: Denmark-Tunisia (Rai 2) 5.00 pm: Mexico-Poland (Rai 2) 8.00 pm: France-Australia (Rai 1) Wednesday 23 November 11.00 am: Morocco-Croatia (Rai 2) 2.00 pm: Germany-Japan (Rai 2 ) 5.00 pm: Spain-Costa Rica (Rai 2) 8.00 pm: Belgium-Canada (Rai 1) Thursday 24 November 11.00 am: Switzerland-Cameroon (Rai 2) 2.00 pm: Uruguay-Korea del Sud (Rai 2) 5.00 pm: Portugal-Ghana (Rai 2) 8.00 pm: Brazil-Serbia (Rai 1) Friday 25 November 11.00 am: Wales-Iran (Rai 2) 2.00 pm: Qatar -Senegal (Rai 2) 5.00 pm: Holland-Ecuador (Rai 2) 8.00 pm: England-United States (Rai 1) Saturday 26 November 11.00 am: Tunisia-Australia (Rai 2) 2.00 pm: 00: Po lonia-Saudi Arabia (Rai 2) 5.00 pm: France-Denmark (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: Argentina-Mexico (Rai 1) Sunday 27 November 11.00 am: Japan-Costa Rica (Rai 2) 2.00 pm :00: Belgium-Morocco (Rai 1) 18:00: Croatia-Canada (Rai 1) 20:00: Spain-Germany (Rai 1) Monday 28 November 11:00: Cameroon-Serbia (Rai 2) 14:00: South Korea-Ghana (Rai 2) 17:00: Brazil-Switzerland (Rai 1) 20:00: Portugal-Uruguay (Rai 1) Tuesday 29 November 11:00: Netherlands-Qatar (Rai 1) 2.00 pm: Ecuador-Senegal (Rai Sport) 5.00 pm: Wales-England (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: Iran-United States, 8.00 pm (Rai Sport) Wednesday 30 November 11.00 am: Tunisia-France (Rai 1) 2.00 pm: Australia-Denmark (Rai Sport) 5.00 pm: Poland-Argentina (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: Saudi Arabia-Mexico (Rai Sport) Thursday 1 December 11 am: 00: Croatia-Belgium (Rai 1) 2.00 pm: Canada-Morocco (Rai Sport) 5.00 pm: Japan-Spain (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: Costa Rica-Germany (Rai Sport) Friday 2 December Time 11:00: Korea d el Sud-Portugal (Rai 1) 2.00 pm: Ghana-Uruguay (Rai Sport) 5.00 pm: Cameroon-Brazil (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: Serbia-Switzerland (Rai Sport) The group stage will end on 2 December and the best two teams of the eight groups present will qualify for the Round of 16.

World Cup in Qatar 2022: the matches of the Round of 16

The round of 16 starts on 3 December knockout, with the best 16 teams qualifying from the Group Stage playing each other in the Round of 16. This phase will last until December 6, the day in which we will have all the names of the best eight teams in the tournament. Here's when the matches will take place:

Saturday 3 December 4.00 pm: first group A-second group B (Rai 1) 8.00 pm: first group C-second group D (Rai 1) Sunday 4 December 16:00: first group B-second group A (Rai 1) 20:00: first group D-second group C (Rai 1) Monday 5 December 16:00: first group E-second group F ( Rai 1) 20:00: first group G-second group H (Rai 1) Tuesday 6 December 16:00: first group F-second group E (Rai 1) 20:00: first group H-second group G (Rai 1) The teams participating in the Quarter Finals will be decided from these eight matches, which will start on December 9th.

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