PS5 Black Friday headphones, the best offers

PS5 Black Friday headphones, the best offers

PS5 Black Friday headphones

Black Friday is coming, that period of the year unanimously recognized as the perfect time to take home products that you have been eyeing for some time while waiting for the right deal, at the best price ever.

Still missing some time until November 25th, the exact date of the event, but this year we decided to forge ahead and suggest some of the products to consider in this sales period well in advance, so as to be immediately ready to grab them . Specifically, in this article we will take a look at the best PS5 headsets, given the great importance that audio has and will have in this still young generation.

If you don't know, PlayStation 5, through the Tempest Engine , gives your games a complete sound spatiality, i.e. 3D. In this way all supported video games (and there are many) can benefit from these audio improvements, and in this article we will tell you about the practically perfect products to make the most of these possibilities: comfortable devices, with good sound spatiality and, in case of wireless headphones, also with good battery life. There will be products specially designed for the new Playstation 5, such as the beautiful 3D Pulse so desired by the public since their announcement, but not even other well-known brands such as Turtle Beach and Hyper X.

Before starting, we remind you that over the last few months we have addressed various topics, so if you are also looking for a good panel to take advantage of your new consoles, or a comfortable gaming chair to complete the your workstations, don't forget to also take a look at the best OLEDs for playing and gaming chairs under €100, and if you want to keep an eye on the best Black Friday 2022 Smart TVs, click here! That said, we can start taking a closer look at the best PS5 headsets.

PS5 headsets, the best of Black Friday 2022

Sony Inzone H7

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If you usually follow us, you will certainly remember that, some time ago, Sony decided to throw itself into gaming and follow in the footsteps of PlayStation with headphones designed specifically for the purpose, and also monitors. That's why on this Black Friday 2022 we strongly recommend keeping an eye on the Inzone H7 headphones, a very performing and useful model for taking full advantage of 3D audio technology in games, which we talked about in the introduction.

which can also be guessed from the image, we are talking about a very elegant headset which incorporates, at least in part, the aesthetic style of the PlayStation 5. Such a refined style is also accompanied by beautiful materials, good autonomy in wireless mode (40 hours) and a general comfort superior to the known and appreciated 3D Pulse. We also point out that these H7s are only one of the three models available, and in our opinion they represent the right compromise. In fact, there are also the H3 and H7 models: the first is an entry-level model equipped with a cable and which renounces some features, above all the keys attached to the headphones and the wireless mode. H7, on the other hand, is a model that only adds LEDs, quite negligible for many of you.

In short, H7 is therefore a perfect compromise, which we recommend to those looking for a good headset game.

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3D Pulse headset

Coveted by PlayStation 5 owners since their announcement, the 3D Pulse headphones are a perfect way to enjoy next-generation audio powered by the Tempest Engine.

The design of these headphones, just like all the accessories offered by Sony in conjunction with the launch of PS5 , it is very elegant and closely resembles the style of the console . There are keys for adjusting the volume, mute for the microphone, the monitor to listen to your voice, power on and off and two keys to balance the audio of the party and the game. Everything you need to have everything under control and manage it comfortably with your fingers, without necessarily having to go through the console menus to lower or raise the volume, or mute your microphone from the controller.

Nothing to reproach also to the ergonomics of the device, which doesn't even give you the task of finding the right opening of the headband to adapt it to your head. In fact, once worn, the headphones automatically adapt to your head, exactly like a glove, therefore, all you have to do is put on the device.

But let's get to the highlight, the audio. If it is true that even minimal spatiality of sounds can be tested with any device, since the console will simulate 3D audio, it is also true that with a device specifically designed for 3D audio the situation changes radically, and games such as Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or The Last of Us Part II change from A to Z, giving you hours and hours of pure immersion.

The rechargeable battery is also good, guaranteeing 12 hours of battery life, and the compatibility with PC, mobile devices and even PS4. In short, among the best PS5 headphones!

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Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset

With the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, we level up. The headphones are perfectly compatible with PlayStation 5 and offer absolutely premium build quality, design and audio.

The design of these headphones is really well thought out: they are very pleasant to the eye, they do not weigh a lot and focus on comfort. In fact, the headphones are metal-reinforced, therefore very resistant, and the memory foam cushions with Aerofit cooling gel guarantee significantly reduced perspiration from the ears and extremely high comfort, even for those who wear glasses.

Exactly like the 3D Pulse of PS5, the headphones are wireless via USB stick and Bluetooth connection, and guarantee a battery life of 20 hours, absolutely perfect for very long gaming sessions. Also noteworthy is the microphone bow, which when not in use can be completely hidden in the specially designed opening, so as not to have it near the lips when not needed.

The audio is also exceptional, thanks to the 50 mm Nanoclear speakers that optimize the audio to the fullest, for an always precise and well-directed sound, characteristics that make this device rightfully among the best PS5 headphones. On the other hand, the possibility of being able to adjust everything through an external hub is curious: as if the various buttons conveniently placed on the sides of the pavilions weren't already enough, the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app allows you to choose various audio presets and monitor the microphone and game volumes. Process that can also be expanded on PS5, thanks to the recently introduced audio settings, for an experience of absolute level and comfort.

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HyperX Cloud II

Here is another model worthy of attention, among the best PS5 headsets, perfect both for those looking for a wireless solution and for those looking for a wired device.

The design, designed for those who wear glasses and for those who usually cannot bear the pressure that the headband exerts on the head for a long time, guarantees lightness and quality. The memory foam and soft premium leatherette ensure excellent comfort, making these headphones the perfect partner for those who usually grind hours and hours in front of the video games we love so much. In case you have to choose the wireless version, know that waiting for you there is a 2.4GHz low latency connection that allows you to play without cables for up to 30 hours, and a range of about 20 meters that allows players to get away from the console at liberty. The cable version, on the other hand, is equipped with an excellent, carefully coated and very resistant jack, as well as a USB remote control that allows you to better manage the audio levels, to be managed with the convenient buttons in the wireless version.

As far as audio is concerned, we point out the presence of two 53 mm drivers, absolutely perfect for enjoying your video games to the fullest, and a sound spatiality equal to 7.1 channels, remarkable when combined with the PS5 3D audio, easily accessible from the console. Also commendable is the microphone, which can be detached or attached freely, so as to never get in the way during single-player sessions.

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Turtle Beach Recon 500

We close with a perfect product for those looking for an average solution without wanting to invest a lot at all costs, absolutely among the best PS5 headphones at a budget price.

Starting from the design, we find a manual but perfect headphone adjustment for adapting the device to your own skull conformation, thanks to the convenient system that allows you to manually widen or tighten the bow. Once adjusted, the headphones are very comfortable and, as the packaging also states, perfect for eyeglass wearers, not tightening at all on the side, except  but slightly for a slight pressure from the headband. Also in this case we would like to point out the use of memory foam bearings which succeed in the very difficult task of not overheating the ears when certain temperatures are reached.

But how do they sound? Thanks to the two 60mm dual drivers able to separate and better manage both the highs and the lows, very well. As quickly explained, in this way you will have well-separated channels to better manage high and low frequencies, a result that can be improved by hacking into the PS5 audio settings and adjusting the equalization. Even the microphone is not far behind, and as with the HyperX can be removed or attached if necessary.

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