eFootball 2023 is updated for the World Cup in Qatar: all the contents of The Football Festival event

eFootball 2023 is updated for the World Cup in Qatar: all the contents of The Football Festival event

eFootball 2023 is updated for the World Cup in Qatar

After months of scandals, controversies and boycotts, this week the 2022 World Cup finally got underway, which as you know very well by now even if you have never seen a match in your life, this year will be played in the very hot and very rich state of Qatar. The selections from the four corners of the globe have already begun to face each other in the elimination rounds of the tournament, and as has become tradition, EA and Konami have updated their respective football simulations with World Cup-themed content, which will allow players to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the competition at 360 degrees.

If FIFA 23 has already received a large number of new modes under the official FIFA license for some time, even the football of the Japanese house has been updated for a few days with the arrival of The Football Festival event, a globally themed pack of unreleased content that touches the offline and online modes of the game. In our special on eFootball 2023 we will take stock of the innovations introduced on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar, reviewing everything new to play in order to properly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the football world cup currently underway. Italy will watch them from the sofa at home, so why not take a tour of eFootball 2023 between one group game and another?

The new offline contents

Here are the national teams added in eFootball 2023 on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar Konami is well aware that the World Cup is above all a reason for people to get together. The script is always the same, even without the presence of Italy: we all meet at the house of that friend who has the biggest television, we scrape together beers, popcorn and chips, and we all watch the France game together hoping lose as badly as possible. That's why most of the new features that have been added with the The Football Festival package of Season 2 of eFootball 2023 concern the offline sector of Konami's football, so at least at half-time we can play a game with friends.

First of all, in the Authentic Team section, the test matches now make 40 national teams from all over the world available to players, including those that have been excluded from the competition, such as Italy. We know that the subject of licenses is particularly delicate for eFootball, which is why we were surprised to discover that each of these takes the field with the official home and away kits updated to 2022, a touch of class that makes playing matches even more immersive international. As Konami later pointed out, in offline test matches it will always be possible to play 2 against 2 on the same sofa, so no one is left to watch.

The new offline event of eFootball 2023, The International Cup Experience, is structure like any other timed event in the game Another offline content making its debut with Season 2 of eFootball 2023 is "The International Cup Experience", a single-player mode that seeks to emulate the structure of the World Cup, following however the classic rules of the other activities that appeared in the past in the Events section of Authentic Team. Playing against the AI, we will have to select one of the 40 national teams and pass five stages with specific requirements, following the path that a team usually has to take to reach the final of the world cup.

In the first level, a bit like happens in the groups, the only objective to move to the next stage will be to accumulate a certain number of points by beating three other national teams, while having reached the knockout stage the only requirement to proceed will be to triumph in the direct match. We would have liked to have seen the introduction of a real offline tournament, but since The International Cup Experience is giving away a total of 380,000 GP that can be spent in the Dream Team mode, we are sure that it will still be quite successful.

Different news for the Dream Team

The new cards of the eFootball 2023 World Cup are really splendid Speaking of the Dream Team, there are several contents that Konami has introduced on the occasion of The Football Party, starting with a series of cut-out World Cup-themed timed events. For example, some of them may require a squad with specific nationalities in them, or with a Strength value below a certain limit. These events, capable of really putting the community to the test by calling it to assemble different squads from time to time, will obviously reward users with a wide range of rewards for the Dream Team, so don't miss the opportunity to participate if you are looking for some new additions to the team.

Just on the subject of purchases, there will also be some brand new cards to grab, inspired by the iconic moments that some football stars experienced during past World Cups. Each card is embellished with a one-of-a-kind design, which not only reflects the player's appearance during that specific match, but also adds a sort of dedication signed by the athlete. Neymar's, which includes a young "O'Ney" with a Seleção shirt and the motto "Nunca desista" (never give up) is incredibly beautiful and we are sure it will be one of the most coveted, but also those of Maradona, Messi and Benzema could be absolutely no different. These cards will also be recognizable during the match, as not only will the commentators underline their presence with unique jokes, but also because the players will celebrate the goals in the same way they did in the match that helped make them the champions we know today.

The new Match Pass

This is what the new Match Pass looks like in eFootball 2023 Alongside these special cards, the Dream Team will receive sets dedicated to specific national teams, whose graphics will be naturally customized to the theme. Currently, for example, the Italian national football team package is available, an excellent novelty that will make us feel a little less excluded from this world cup. To obtain the resources necessary to receive these packs, Konami has decided to introduce a brand new Game Pass, full of rewards for each of the three levels that compose it.

Basically, the Game Pass is a system that based on the games played by a user, it rewards them with Dream Team prizes. The first level is free for everyone, and includes some targeted contracts and several thousand experience points for training programs. The other two tiers, Extra and Premium, grant parallel rewards for the same number of games played, and can be unlocked with "eFootball Coins". Since their price is still low and they in turn contain a good amount of Coins, these two levels seem quite balanced to us and represent valuable content, at least for those who plan to complete dozens and dozens of games with Konami's football simulator .

What do you think of the news of Season 2 of eFootball 2023? Will you download the update between matches of the World Cup in Qatar?

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