One Piece Film: RED – all songs by Ado in the film

One Piece Film: RED – all songs by Ado in the film

One Piece Film

Starting from December 1st, in Italian cinemas it will be possible to watch One Piece Film: Red , the new feature film linked to one of the longest-running manga ever, the work of Echiiro Oda . Distributed by Anime Factory, a label for Plaion Pictures, the new film produced by TOEI Animation is already a blockbuster from Japan to the United States and is just waiting to be acclaimed by the Italian public as well. Directed by Goro Taniguchi, it represents an absolute novelty: it constitutes, in fact, the first musical work linked to One Piece. The songs of One Piece Film: Red are performed by the amazing Japanese artist Ado , who lends his voice to the character of Uta .

Uta and Luffy

One Piece Film Red: the songs of Goro Taniguchi's film

The plot of One Piece Film: Red Uta's voice: Who is Ado? The songs of One Piece Film: Red

The story of One Piece Film: RED

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Young Uta is also the daughter of Shanks the Red, and childhood friend of Luffy. The happiness of having found a friend is soon interrupted by a looming threat against the entire world population. To avert the danger, all the pirates will have to join forces.

Here is the third official Italian trailer in which you can already see the character of Shanks:

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Uta's voice: who is Ado?

Barely twenty years old, the singer Ado - whose face is unknown - is an undisputed talent of the j-pop genre. Approaching music in 2014, she officially debuted 6 years later with Universal Music Japan. The song Usseewa is just the beginning of a brilliant career, marked by hit singles and his first album Kyogen (2022) on the Virgin label.

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Oda's great desire was to see  professionals . We had to deal with this product very seriously, at a high level. In the process of creation, we sat down to choose that he would write, score and sing all the songs. Uta has to express different emotions, it is important that these are conveyed. There were many candidates, but Ado fully expressed Uta's feelings. She was brilliant at that.

The songs of One Piece Film: Red

The soundtrack of One Piece Film: Red consists of 8 songs. First in the standings, with more than 68 million plays, is New Genesis, which is the main OST of the film. Curiously, it draws part of its text from Binks' liquor, an iconic piece of the franchise, and deals with topics such as the overturning of the current climate of oppression and war. Here are the titles of all the tracks on the album UTA'S SONGS ONE PIECE FILM RED.

New Genesis I'm Invincible Backlight Fleeting Lullaby Tot Music The World's Continuation Where the Wind Blows BINKUSUNO SAKE Here is the official video of New Genesis by Ado:

Songs of One Piece Film: Red occupy a large part of the film - with a total duration of 115 minutes - thus making the animated film a concert on the big screen in all respects, thus giving fans the opportunity to go wild while watching the film, like never before .

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