The Best Poker Games for PS4 & PS5

The arrival of the PlayStation S5 has thrilled game lovers with all its new possibilities and suitability for recent digital advancements. While this universe of video games evolves, bringing new graphics and incredible resources to the world of games, another market that has been standing out is that of virtual casinos, which have been getting websites and applications increasingly adapted to the tastes and needs of players.

But, after all, where does this universe of consoles intersect with that of online casinos? Come and discover the best poker games for PS4 and PS5.

And if you get in the mood of a real crypto poker room while checking out the games below head over to Thunderpick and try your skills:

Prominence Poker

Launched in 2016, Prominence Poker is also on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms. A game with a good reputation, Prominence Poker has a rating of 9/10 on Steam. From developer Pipeworks Studio, the game is fun and has a hint of good humor. In the game, the player is in the city of Prominence, and the town's mayor controls the game. To try to take over the empire and become the best poker player around, you have to overcome great competitors that bring the game to life.

In addition to being fun, Prominence Poker allows players to create their characters. This way, you can customize facial features, hair, beard, and other details. The game doesn't have exciting graphics, so the developers decided to adopt a more caricatured style of the characters - however, everything is fine with the experience.

It is also worth noting that Prominence Poker has a very participatory community. On the game's official website, it is possible to interact in forums and posts and participate in interactive tournaments and promotions. These are small details, but they count in favor of the game.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Unlike Prominence Poker and Pure Hold 'em, which are games designed exclusively for poker, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a game with more options and, as the name implies, focuses on the environment of a virtual casino.

There are some similarities with the games mentioned above. In The Four Kings Casino and Slots, you can customize your player and create the look and feel however you want.

Poker doesn't have an exciting dynamic since the graphics also leave something to be desired, and the gameplay sometimes doesn't support the multiplayer genre. Therefore, for those who like poker and are only interested in this modality in the world of casinos, Prominence Poker and Pure Hold 'em may be more enjoyable.

For the more casual poker player, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a good alternative, as you can explore fun alternatives in the gaming world. Among the options besides poker, the gamer finds blackjack games, slot machines, baccarat, roulette, and craps.

Pure Hold 'em

Pure Hold 'em is your card game if you enjoy your dystopian terror with your card games. It paints a terrifying picture of the namesake activity enjoyed by sentient tablets instead of people. These tablets assemble to play a few hands while employing cutting-edge nanotechnology to shift chips and shuffle cards covertly.

They have created their artificial personae using sophisticated algorithms, portraying themselves as reckless gamblers and cunning elderly soldiers. But all of this is a facade. These spotless penthouse rooms and those spotless gaming floors are devoid of any traces of human life. Without a doubt, the world will end with no one left alive.

While the AI does a good job and beats almost every other poker AI currently available, Pure Hold 'em gives you a good selection of exciting options for playing against other players.

Most players will likely begin by joining one of the ongoing exhibition games, which are packed with players who only want to play a few hands before leaving again. Particularly when you enter a table with a low (or nonexistent) buy-in price, these tables typically consist of players looking to win large and raise their pot of coins. It's not uncommon for someone to go all-in from the beginning.

It's okay if you have more chips or a great starting hand, but it might not be enjoyable when you don't even get to see how the cards turn out and learn that everyone who went all in only has a high 9. Higher tables typically have far more cautious players who probably don't want to lose all of their hard-earned money on a pointless non-gamble, but earning the cash to get onto those isn't at all simple.

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