Top 3 Online Casino Games for Playstation

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Playstation is one of the top-selling gaming platforms and players are able to play some of the best video games available. With the new PS Plus subscriptions, you can even have access to some titles that were available on PS1 and PS2 and more content will be added down the line. You can even have access to the internet and if you wish you play on some of the best online casino sites through the browser. Of course, if you enjoy gambling and want to experience something that’s aimed at console players then Playstation has you covered. There are some incredibly well-designed casino games for this console, and you don’t even have to have the latest gen. Some of these are playable even on PS 3.  So, let’s see what are top 3 casino games for Playstation.

The Four Kings Casino & Slots

Anyone who has a Playstation can actually download this game for free. It is actually an MMO and it has everything you would expect out of a casino game for a console. Anyone who enjoys playing live dealer games on online gambling websites, or just loves digital casino games should try The Four Kings Casino & Slots. This game shows what the future of the gambling industry can look like when better phone hardware and larger server space become more accessible.


In this game, you will make your own avatar and go around the virtual casino. You have a mini-map that helps you navigate and you get to enter different rooms with different casino games. You can play against other players and earn virtual currency, so it’s a great social experience. Players can communicate via chat and you can always see how many other players are online currently.


The goal is to earn more in-game currency which allows you to unlock additional features for customizing your character. Of course, you can simply purchase the additional coins and spend them how you see fit. After earning enough, you can get access to the VIP room. Lastly, you can expect to see an array of casino entertainment:









So, if you want a more social version of your hobby, without any high stakes definitely give The Four Kings Casino & Slots a shot.

GTA V Online

Although gambling isn’t at the core of GTA V Online it’s still a big part of it. There is a whole DLC that is all about a casino heist, and of course, your in-game character can gamble and win money. Additionally, you get access to some exclusive rewards like formula cars if you get lucky on a reward wheel. This is truly a masterpiece when it comes to game design, and it is among the best titles available on the PS 4 and 5. The reason why GTA is so popular is the sheer size of the world and the freedom you have as a player.


In GTA V you can complete the missions and get the rewards, as well as progress the story, but you can also just cruise around. Basically, the game doesn’t try to force you into the main storyline, but it’s definitely worth it to explore it and unlock more content. You can steal cars, drive around, and wreak havoc, but you’ll need to escape from the police then. Alternatively, you can collect cosmetics, unlock different vehicles, race with other players, search for Easter eggs, etc.


Thanks to this design philosophy, GTA V is timeless and manages to stay popular even years after its release. Of course, the game gets a lot more crowded whenever a new DLC drops, as new content becomes available. As far as casinos go, it’s pretty much like the Four Kings. You have access to a gambling resort, and there are rooms where you can play different casino games. It’s one of the alternative ways to get money in this game and buy items that you need for quests.


Overall, it’s definitely worth exploring even if you didn’t hop in when it was released. As mentioned, the gameplay still holds today, and you’ll find it just as entertaining as the modern titles.

Pure Hold’em

Pure Hold’em is the best option for those who mainly want to play poker. Unlike other entries on the list, this title doesn’t focus on providing the entire casino experience, the goal was clearly to create an amazing poker game. Once again, this could very well be the future of online poker once the hardware becomes more accessible. You can’t win real money, of course, it’s more of a social game, and if you run out of chips you can spend real money in the shop to buy more.


The reason why Pure Hold’em is so great is its design. You really feel like you are at a luxurious poker table, and the background music is spot on. Unlike in other poker games, where your cards are dealt face up here, they are face down. You need to lift them up slightly in order to see them, which is a nice touch that improves the overall immersion. You can play against other players, and you can pick the table where you want to sit. Picking a table is important as you don’t want to play a high stake game with a lower budget. 

Other PS Titles You Should Try

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These are definitely the top 3 when for people who are mainly interested in gambling. That being said, there are other amazing games that can scratch that itch as well. A great example is Red Dead Redemption 2 which is a perfect fit for fans of western movies, and it also features a poker mini-game that you can play at a saloon. Prominence Poker is another great pick for poker fans, and if you also love anime girls then Poker Pretty Girls Battle is a good fit.


You can also try High Roller Casino if you want to have access to more gambling content, but this one isn’t free to play. It costs around 4 dollars or you might be able to get it cheaper if it’s included in discounts that are available each month. Of course, in order to fully enjoy any of these, you will need an internet connection, and some features might require you to have a PSPlus subscription.


In general, people buy consoles to enjoy the latest AAA releases, but sooner or later they get bored and want to try something new. Since a lot of these are free to play, and you aren’t losing any money, it can be an extremely fun experience. As stated it is possible to go and log in via web browser if you are interested in real money online casinos, but those are mostly made for PCs and phones, playing it on a console will just feel unnecessarily clunky. The titles mentioned here provide a more polished and immersive experience, so if you love gambling on the internet definitely check Pure Hold’em or Four Kings.


Hopefully, you learned something new and even got the inspiration to add some titles to your PS library. These games might even be able to help you if you are recovering from a gambling addiction. It’s a way for you to enjoy your hobby without putting your finances in danger.  

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