Is there still room for GTA V?

Is there still room for GTA V?

The absolute blockbuster, Grand Theft Auto V, after almost nine years from the official debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is ready to land again on consoles, this time on PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox Series, with a series of improvements. techniques that promise to make us experience Los Santos like never before. However, also considering the very crowded period of releases and that great Elden Ring video game that is stealing the show, it is legitimate to ask: is there still room for GTA V, after three releases? Let's find out together.

I choose Los Santos!

This is what Rockstar Games hopes, clearly, intent on making the online sector of GTA V dominate for many more years. Undoubtedly, there are there have been numerous downturns during the long stay on the market but, despite this, the adventure of Franklin, Trevor and Michael has never completely disappeared: first of all, as also reiterated at the beginning, due to the multiple editions released over time, after for the exceptional online sector, finally for the RP mode, by the total work of the players and exploded thanks to the support of streamers and platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. There is another reason, however, that did not allow GTA V to disappear and retire: it has remained, by far, the best urban and modern open world. There are many, many titles that have tried an approach to the GTA, but no one has ever really succeeded, either for a city that is not brilliant like Los Santos, or for a driving model that is not up to par, or for a NPC and police management out of step with Rockstar Games. GTA V, therefore, crazy as it may sound, is still top of the class, and thanks to some interesting additions to the upcoming edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series it could even open the doors to a new generation of users.

Los Santos!

Los Santos, at night

Refurbished and hospitable

Rockstar Games, by the way, is certainly not the latest addition, and is already ready to welcome new players with open arms with a completely revised tutorial designed to offer immediately a great overview of the contents. Apparently, you will land in Los Santos even with your pockets full, ready to get in and team up with other users. A very clever move that avoids the inevitable collapse of pace that usually accompanies the initial stages of an online sector, in general. Also because, believe us, there are really a lot of things to do and see; an initial boost is just what GTA Online needed.

GTA Online

There there is still room for GTA V

So yes, there is still room for GTA V, but a lot. The approach to narration, the extreme characterization of the characters, the amount of content in the online sector and the incredible management of NPCs and the police; crazy features, of extreme quality and that affirm GTA V as the model to be chased, the teacher with so much to teach. A unique, boundless game, which despite some steps backwards towards GTA IV and its expansions, especially in terms of physics and driving model, remains of an unattainable solidity for all the other development houses. While waiting for GTA VI and while we fantasize about the possible influences that Red Dead Redemption II will have on the project, the invitation, therefore, is to move to Los Santos and to stay there for many more years, perhaps even after the arrival of GTA VI.

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