How Gambling is Making Its Way Into Your Favorite Video Games

 Gambling has thrived over the years, and the industry seems to get better every day. With advancements in technology, the internet, and social media platforms, the industry is expected to hit $72.02 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%. Developers have shifted gears to video games in a way to attract more players and generate significant revenue.

The GTA V online casino has set its foot in the gambling industry after players waited for it to open its doors. In addition, Poker Club launched a poker game for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.  Our expert Jacek Michalski takes us through how gambling is making its way into your favorite video games.

Social casino gaming

Social casino gaming is the way for players to play casino games such as slots machines, video poker, blackjack, roulette, poker, and many more. Social gaming seems to sail away from the safe harbor to catch the winds of gambling. Today, most social casino games allow gamers to purchase in-game currencies that have no value in the real world.

Social gaming is growing popular as most people gamble for fun. Players use the platform to bet without making a profit freely. Although it might sound pointless, most people are now stuck to it. The online platforms featured at casino online polska are risk-free and act as a free alternative to breaking anxiety.

Rise of loot boxes

Loot boxes feature video games with a sealed mystery box earned by playing or playing with real money. Popular video games related to looting boxes include FIFA, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG. Loot boxes allow gamers to acquire in-game items such as character skins, weapons, team cards, and others that don’t affect their gameplay but improve their gaming experience. 

The argument lies in players affording loot boxes can spend some money in games that they play. Loot boxes have similar effects with gambling on a gamer since the desire to win is experienced when buying and opening crates. Similarly, when a player plays a slot game and feels close to winning, a player will spend more money.

Regulating social casino games

It is not free to play GTA V at The Vinewood as players must purchase in-game currency to start gambling.  GTA V has scenes of violence, sex, crime, and gambling. However, it only allows persons above the age of 18 years to play. Players win from playing at GTA V casino online, although the winnings have no value in the real world. Research has proved that gamers are now looking for alternatives where they can make money from social gaming.

Most players have found a market where they sell there in –gaming currency. Gaming companies don’t entertain such measures under their terms and conditions, but some maneuver their way through. According to researchers, social gaming is a route to gambling and calls for serious regulation measures.

Introduction of skilled based games

Nevada and New Jersey passed laws in February allowing the introduction of skill-based games to draw young players. It will be possible to see console video games, shooters, and racing games on casino floors with time. The chief executive of Gamblit Gaming, Eric Meyerhofer, suggested that franchises such as Call of Duty could be the most prominent attractions. 

When New Jersey and Nevada passed the skill-based game laws, it was clear that casinos were hungry for change. Skill-based games will target the young generation and change the old norm of finding 50-year-old men playing slots.

Upgraded visual displays

Casino operators had a difficult time despite the young people flocking the floors of the casinos. The nagging problem was how to make the young people spend more time on the casino floor. Casino operators upgraded their visual displays by introducing plasma screens and themed cabinets built on television shows and films. Millennials demand things that resonate with them, not the passive slot machines.

Gambling is finding its foot through social casino gaming and loot boxes, Xbox poker games, and with time a significant audience will enjoy winnings at their convenience. The introduction of skilled-based games has attracted young people to gambling. With upgraded visuals and games that resonate with the millennials, the gaming experience will have a turnover.

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