James Tynion IV brings his comics to Dark Horse

James Tynion IV brings his comics to Dark Horse

American screenwriter James Tynion IV has partnered exclusively with Dark Horse Comics to create a new line of collections that will also include his previous works published on Substack, an online newsletter service, as well as exclusive materials from his Tiny Onion Studios. After working for Marvel, Image Comics and writing Batman for over three years at DC, Tynion has become one of the most sought-after screenwriters in the US comics scene.

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James Tynion IV will make a new collection line for Dark Horse Comics

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James Tynion IV Launches Dark Horse Comic Book Line (Exclusive) https: //t.co/EP1qjZBueP

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) November 14, 2022

The negotiations between the American screenwriter and Dark Horse Comics had already launched at the beginning of the year. Tynion said he was thrilled to be able to collaborate with a publishing house that has published some of the most famous comics ever and promised that the two collections mentioned will only be the beginning of a great job. In fact, it will also expand True Wierd , an anthology series of black and white short comics dealing with paranormal phenomena.

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