Audi publishes the "behind the scenes" of Electrikhana

Audi publishes the behind the scenes of Electrikhana

Electrikhana , the most recent video by acrobatic Ken Block, has reached 4.7 million views in less than a month.

This is one of Block's gymkhana videos, but unlike the previous ones, the car with which he performs the most incredible stunts is an Audi (just over a year ago, the American driver left Ford for the German brand) but above all it is electric. Of course, it is not a normal electric car, but a vehicle developed in synergy between Block and Audi .

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The house of the four rings has now released a video showing the behind the scenes of the creation of the new S1. In addition to those of Ken Block, the voices and sensations of Audi engineers and designers are featured, as well as Oliver Hoffmann, Audi's chief operating officer.

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Block had a direct role in the design of the car, and thanks to the video, we learn that the weight distribution is split 52:48 between front and rear, or that McPherson suspension on both axles , enjoy a considerable excursion to allow incredible jumps. Axles weighing just under 55 kg, including transmission. The car is powered by four Audi PHEV high-voltage batteries, each with a capacity of 14.4 kWh for a total of 57.6 kWh operating at 800 volts.

Furthermore, the weight distribution can be varied according to the need and driving style. The S1 Hoonitron develops 671 horsepower and 472 Nm of torque.

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