From Scotland comes the incredible Munro electric 4×4

From Scotland comes the incredible Munro electric 4×4

The United Kingdom has set the standard in the world of 4×4s. This time however, the big news arriving in this sector was not conceived in England, the homeland of the Land Rover, but in Scotland. The Munro MK_1, the first vehicle designed and built by the new Munro car company, will in fact be presented in Edinburgh on 5 December in world preview. As already mentioned, it is a fully electric 4×4 off-road vehicle, and according to the manufacturer's declaration, it will be the one with the greatest autonomy available on the market: 16 hours on a single charge.

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Russel Peterson, CEO of Munro, said that “We have come a long way from the first sketch made by our designer, Ross Compton to today. We have worked hard to build an electric 4X4 capable of working in all conditions like no other car before”.

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He also added that he was impatient to be able to present the MK_1 to the world, which will revolutionize the market for commercial vehicles used in sectors such as mining, mountain rescue, or agriculture; it will allow many professionals to be able to make their work with zero impact.

For 2023, the construction of only 50 specimens is planned; but with the move to the new factory, located near Glasgow, expected in 2024, production should increase to 250 vehicles a year, with the aim of having 2,500 units on the market by 2027. In addition, the new production hub will create some 300 new jobs. On the company's website it is already possible to place a pre-order, with a deposit of £500.00, fully refundable.

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