Waiting for Christmas with Disney Plus: 10 films to recover

Waiting for Christmas with Disney Plus: 10 films to recover

Waiting for Christmas with Disney Plus

The Christmas festivities are almost upon us and the opportunities to sit in the warmth of the home are becoming more and more numerous. For this reason, we thought we'd tell you about a series of films on Disney Plus dedicated to Christmas, so that you can have some more ideas to spend your time waiting for the night of the year where everything is possible.

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Waiting for Christmas with Disney Plus: 10 movies to catch up on

Mickey and the magic of Christmas Beauty and the Beast – A magical Christmas A look from heaven A magical Christmas A Christmas Carol All together with passion The Nutcracker and the four realms Noelle Home sweet Alone A perfect Christmas Mickey and the magic of Christmas

Let's start our review with some of the great classics of Disney animation. The first proposal we want to highlight is Mickey Mouse and the Magic of Christmas, an animated film from 1999, made up of several stories, starring the great Disney icons.

Disney Plus Christmas Movie One of these sees Qui, Quo and Qua grappling with a special wish expressed to a star. The three, after an initial moment of enthusiasm, will soon realize that the values ​​of Christmas are different and that their desire has brought nothing but unexpected problems. Aware of their mistakes, the protagonists will therefore try in every way to change the events, so as to redeem themselves. Will they succeed in their acrobatic feat?

Also within the animated feature film, lasting about an hour, we will then find the adventure involving Goofy and Max, which has as its main theme the importance of happiness as a symbol not linked to materialism. During this adventure Pippo will be busy convincing Max of the existence of Santa Claus, how will it end? Will Goofy succeed in his intent without causing too much trouble?

Finally, the animated film ends with Mickey and Minnie grappling with each other's Christmas presents. The two, with the aim of satisfying each other, will be engaged in a thousand ways to recover the money necessary to purchase the gifts. Will they succeed in their enterprise? Are gifts important for their value or is the thought really enough?

If this proposal is of interest to you, we inform you that its sequel dated 2004 is also available on Disney Plus, this time made in computer graphic and titled Topolino amazing Christmas, also present on Amazon in the Home Video edition.

Beauty and the Beast – A magical Christmas

Still remaining on the subject of the great classics of Disney animation, we cannot fail to include Beauty and the Beast – Magical Christmas. It is the direct sequel to the 1991 progenitor of the same name and narrates a Christmas that does not seem to be starting in the best way. In fact, the Beast doesn't seem to be very inclined to celebrate! Will Belle, Tockins, Lumière, Mrs. Potts and Chicco be able to change his mind?

Disney Plus Christmas Movie Get ready to experience an animated feature film that will transport you, accompanied by his music, to a timeless story of hope, friendship and love.

A view from heaven

Let's now abandon animated feature films but stay in the 90s with the film A view from heaven . This production stars two true global icons: Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington. A View From Heaven boasts a 1997 Oscar nomination for Best Original Score (Hans Zimmer), five nominations and two wins at the 1997 Image Awards for Best Actress (Whitney Houston) and Best Supporting Actress (Loretta Devine). Are you ready to let yourself be transported to New York in the nineties?

Disney Plus Christmas Movie A view from heaven is a family comedy that will lead you to follow the story of a struggling priest with an existential crisis, but an angel sent from heaven will soon come to her aid.

A Magical Christmas

A Magical Christmas is a 1985 film directed by Phillip Borsos which tells the story of Ginnie Grainger, a young mother who no longer feels the magic of Christmas. However, the protagonist will soon rediscover these great emotions thanks to the help of the unshakeable faith of her six-year-old daughter Abbie and Gideon, her guardian angel. With this production, produced by Walt Disney and filmed in Canada, get ready to witness a fun Christmas tale starring Mary Steenburgen as Ginny Grainger, Gary Basaraba as Jack Grainger and finally Harry Dean Stanton as Gideon.

A Christmas Carol

Could A Christmas Carol be missing from our list of Christmas movies on Disney Plus? Of course not! The Robert Zemeckis film, which made its debut in 2009, and was made using the digital capture technique, is still a timeless production today! The work is the result of an important film adaptation directly inspired by the well-known story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. So get ready to deal with dear old Scrooge, the wealthy protagonist character with an insensitive and stingy character grappling with a very demanding showdown. Scrooge will in fact have to deal with the spirit of the past, present and future, so as to understand what are the values ​​of sharing. Will our protagonist be able to soften? The film, among other things, boasts the score by Alan Silvestri, also known for having been nominated twice for an Oscar for the feature films Forest Gump and Polar Express.

All together with passion

After offering you some titles also known for their technical characteristics given by the use of digital technology, let's now get on the time machine to make an important leap to 1965, the year of release of All together passionately. The film, in the musical genre, has been nominated for 10 Oscars in its palmares, winning 5 for best film, best director, best soundtrack, best editing and best sound. In fact, among many things, the feature film in question also stands out for the splendid music by Richard Rodgers, among which the very famous My Favorite Things emerges (today in sixth place in the ranking of the most watched films at the cinema of all time).

The feature film tells the story of Maria, a beautiful and young postulant sent as governess to the house of the Von Trapp family, whose children live under a strict disciplinary regime given by their father, a widowed admiral. However, the girl soon wins the sympathy of the children, with whom she forms a choir. The bond between Maria, the little ones and their father becomes ever closer, so much so that they become a real family.

The Nutcracker and the four kingdoms

Staying on the subject of music, su Disney Plus you can find the modern adaptation of The Nutcracker starring, among others, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman.

Disney Plus Christmas Movies Are you ready to follow Clara Traveling the Four Realms? Here she will challenge the tyrant Mother Ginger, to restore harmony in that mysterious world and will meet many curious characters such as soldiers made of gingerbread and an army of mice. Among his awards, the film boasts a nomination for CDG Awards.


We now move from 1965 to the most recent 2019 with Noelle, a Christmas film written and directed by Marc Lawrence which sees starring Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kringle, Santa's daughter.

Noelle tells the story of how Santa's daughter is suddenly busy having to save Christmas, tracking down her brother Nick, who fled in search of relaxation to deal with his being put in charge as successor to the previous Santa Claus. Will Nick be able to take the reins back? Or will her sister have to enter the field? Will the gifts arrive at their destination on time?

Home sweet Alone

Who among you has never seen Mom, I missed my plane? Did you raise your hand? Then you should immediately run in front of your TV and immediately retrieve it since it is a real genre cult. Even today, the film has remained in the hearts of all fans, so much so that Disney has proposed a reboot in the most recent 2021.

Disney Plus Christmas Movie This new production is directly inspired at the very first chapter of the franchise and tells the story of a married couple grappling with an attempt to steal a precious heirloom from Max Mercer, the ten-year-old protagonist of the film who finds himself home alone by mistake from his family. Will Max be able to defend himself from the clutches of the scoundrel couple? So will he be able to invent to test their stubbornness? If you are curious to know more, we invite you to read our in-depth review.

A perfect Christmas

Let's now proceed with another light comedy, among the Christmas films on Disney Plus , made for the family: A perfect Christmas. The film, directed by Ron Lagomarsino, tells the story of a young New Yorker named Angela who has always loved Christmas so much. The protagonist, who has always dreamed of experiencing a perfect Christmas, will soon find herself in a world where every day is Christmas, thanks to a special Christmas ball. But will it be good, or will it be bad? The girl will be trapped in that magical world and will soon discover that not everything was exactly as she expected.

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