England-Iran, where to watch the World Cup match

England-Iran, where to watch the World Cup match


The second day of the Qatar 2022 World Cup opens with the England-Iran match, the first match of group B to which Senegal and the Netherlands also belong. After yesterday's opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, we are now getting to the heart of these unusual soccer World Cups which are taking place in autumn for the first time in history. England are back from a fourth-place finish in the last tournament held in Russia in 2018, where they were defeated in the semi-finals by Croatia before also losing the final for third and fourth place against Belgium. This year, on the other hand, it is one of the favorite teams, especially after the excellent performance seen at last year's European Championships where it finished second, losing to Italy on penalties.

The World Cup will go on until December 18th and all the matches will be visible both on television, but above all also in streaming. Here are the best methods to enjoy this second match of the World Championship in Qatar.

How to watch England-Iran on television

The first match of this day, England-Iran, will start at 14:00 and will be visible on Rai 2 . To see the match there will be no need for any subscription or special service, given that Rai has bought the rights for all the matches of the 2022 World Championship. The channels on which these will be broadcast are mainly Rai 1 and Rai 2 to which is also added Rai Sports. There will therefore be no need for any special subscription to enjoy the World Cup in Qatar.

How to watch the match in 4k

Rai allows you to watch the World Cup matches in 4k as well. To watch England-Iran in full resolution, however, you will need to have a latest generation smart TV that can be connected to the internet. Your network must have a speed of at least 15Mbps in order to receive the streaming signal of the channel smoothly. In fact, this special channel only works via an internet connection, to activate it you will have to:

Check that your television is connected to the internet with a speed of at least 15Mbps Re-tune the channels on your television. Once finished, the screen with all the new HD channels will appear. You just have to tune your TV to channel 101, here you can watch the World Cup matches in 4kIn this way you can use your 4k TV to enjoy all the matches of the World Championship .

How to see England-Iran in Streaming

If you prefer to see England-Iran in streaming, then just connect to the official Rai streaming platform called RaiPlay. Here you will find all the television channels of the national network broadcast live, also with various On Demand contents, including dramas, documentaries, films, news and much more.

How to install RaiPlay on your device

Installing RaiPlay is very simple. First of all, from a PC, all you need to do is connect to the website www.raiplay.it to access the platform. Otherwise there is an app that you can download on your mobile devices or even directly on your smart TV. Here are the links to download the version that is most useful to you:

RaiPlay for iOs RaiPlay for Android RaiPlay for Amazon FireTV it has already been pre-installed by default.

The other matches of the day and curiosities about the match

On the second day of the World Cup in Qatar, two more matches will take place in addition to England-Iran. At 17 there will be the second match of Group A on Rai 2, inaugurated yesterday with the opening match, with Senegal-Holland. Tonight at 20 instead there will be the second match of Group B: United States-Wales on Rai 1.

As for the teams that will face off today, England is back from fourth place in the last World Cup and second at the 2020 European Championships played last year. The England national team is currently number 5 in the FIFA world rankings.

Iran has managed to qualify for a total of five World Championships in its history. Two of these are recent, in fact the Iranian national team qualified for the 2014 and 2018 tournaments and with the access gained to the World Cup in Qatar it can celebrate three participations in a row. At the moment, however, Iran has never passed the first round, is it the right time? Iran is ranked 21st in the FIFA world rankings.

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