2 Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch 24% off! Goodbye Drifting!

2 Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch 24% off! Goodbye Drifting!

We had closed yesterday's day, the first of this Black Friday 2022, by pointing out, at the end, the excellent offer still available on the Mediaworld pages, and thanks to which you can still now buy the excellent Xbox controllers in the Wireless version for less than 40 €! An excellent price, especially for controllers that are compatible not only with Microsoft consoles, but also with the PC world, thus making them very useful for all gamers on both platforms.

Well, continuing what is our dense press review dedicated to the Black Friday 2022 offers, let's stay on topic now, offering you another excellent discount dedicated to beloved gaming pads and, often, objects of a second if not a third purchase due to a well-known defect congenital.

We're talking about the famous and delicious Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch. That is, small pads that can be freely "attached and detached" from the Nintendo console and which, as you know, have always suffered from a defect known as "drifting", which sometimes occurs immediately, sometimes after years of use and which, essentially, makes them unusable.

Apart from this problem, it is also known that these pads are very difficult to find at a discounted price and, for this reason, we think this Amazon offer may be useful for you, which offers the pair of Joy-Con, in blue and neon red, with a 24% discount, i.e. for only €60.79 instead of €79.99!

A small but pleasant deal , especially considering that, when (and if) they are around, Joy-Con sold individually cost around 35 euros , and that original Nintendo products, as well as video games, for that matter, are very rarely discounted, and in any case with discounts not exceeding 10 euros.

Therefore, buying a pair of original Joy-Con with a discount of almost 20 euros is no small deal, and since all the other colors are already sold out, and only the pair with the classic red colors remains and blue, we suggest you do not delay any longer, and complete your purchase as soon as possible!

Read also: The best video games on offer for Black Friday That said, we just have to send you directly to the dedicated Amazon page to the promo, so that you can make the purchase before the offer ends or, worse, the discounted products go out of stock. Before doing this, however, we think it is worth reminding you that, in order to save a little more, it is useful to activate a subscription to the Amazon Prime service these days, thanks to which you can take advantage of fast and, above all, free shipping! Not to mention that the first 30 days of service are free!

Furthermore, before completing your purchase, we strongly suggest that you also subscribe to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech and Clothing and Sport. Happy shopping!

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