Built-in refrigerators | The best of 2022

Built-in refrigerators | The best of 2022

If you are about to buy a fitted kitchen, it is very likely that you are considering built-in refrigerators, since they are the ones that fit perfectly under the kitchen doors. Many families opt for this type of refrigerator because it is often sold together with the kitchen and other appliances. In this case, it is the retailers who choose the models that best suit a certain style, leaving you only with the task of deciding what the style of the kitchen should be.

Read also: Refrigerators | The best of 2022 Although relying on a furnishing solution complete with appliances almost always proves to be the best choice, built-in refrigerators can be purchased separately, still having the possibility of finding one that goes well with the rest of the environment, thanks to the numerous proposals available on the market. Obviously we cannot know which is the best built-in refrigerator for your kitchen, since important factors such as size and style come into play. However, we can tell you which are, in general, the best built-in refrigerators and it is precisely what we will deal with below.

Furthermore, in the second part of the article, there will be in-depth analyzes on these appliances, dedicated to advantages and disadvantages of this type of refrigerator, the cooling system and the most important factors to pay attention to when buying.

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The best built-in refrigerators

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