AMD unveiled fourth generation Epyc server processors

AMD unveiled fourth generation Epyc server processors

With the advent of the fourth generation of Epyc server processors, Amd brought the Zen 4 architecture to the server environment as well. The new processors deliver cutting-edge performance, increased energy efficiency, and impressive performance.

Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD, said, “Choosing the right data center processor is more important than ever, and the Fourth generation Epycs deliver leadership in every aspect .

The data center represents the largest growth opportunity and the most strategic priority for Amd.

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Lisa Su, president and CEO of Amd if (jQuery("#crm_srl-th_b2blabs_d_mh3_1").is(":visible")) { //console.log("[ACTIVATION TEST] adding zone: tag crm_srl-th_b2blabs_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_b2blabs_d_mh3"); } The new Epyc processors can deliver up to 2.8 times more performance than the previous generation, and consume up to 54% less energy.

Modular design

The new AMD Epyc processors from fourth generation are designed to deliver optimizations across all market segments and applications while helping enterprises free up data center resources.

With up to 96 cores in a single processor , the new processors allow customers to deploy more powerful servers to continue meeting their computing needs.

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Amd continues to follow the Security by Design approach, which translates into security features advanced for processors. The new generation expands AMD Infinity Guard, a cutting-edge feature set that offers physical and virtual levels of protection.

The new generation of Epyc provides a comprehensive feature set; customers who only need to choose the number of cores and frequency that best suits their workload needs.

The new architecture introduces support for DDR5 memory and the PCI Express 5 standard, which are essential for AI and ML applications.

In addition, they support CXL 1.1+ for memory expansion, helping customers meet the demands for higher in-memory workload capacity.

Expanding ecosystem

During the presentation event, several partners announced the integration of the new architecture into their solutions. Among the many interested partners are Dell, Google Cloud, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Supermicro and VMware.

The following table shows the complete lineup with the main features of all the models presented.

Model Core TDP cTDP Clock Base (GHz) Clock Boost (GHz) Price (1kU) 9654 96 360w 320-400w 2.4 3.7 $11,805 9634 84 290w 240-300w 2.25 3.7 $10,304 9554 64 360w 320-400w 3.1 3.75 $9,087 9534 64 280w 240-300w 2.45 3.7 $8,803 9454 48 290w 240-300w 2.75 3.8 $5,225 9354 32 280w 24 0.330 8 $3,420 9334 32 210w 200-240w 2.7 3.9 $2,990 9254 24 200w 200-240w 2.9 4.15 $2,299 9224 24 200w 200-240w 2.5 3.7 $1,825 9124 16 200-240w 16 20.30w 3.7 $1,083 9474F 48 360w 320-400w 3.6 4.1 $6,780 9374F 32 320w 320-400w 3.85 4.3 $4,850 9274F 24 320w 320-400w 4.05 4.3 $3,060 9130F 6130W 403420 ,1 4.4 $3850 9654P 96 360w 320-400w 2.4 3.7 $10,625 9554P 64 360w 320-400w 3.1 3.75 $7,104 9454P 48 290w 240-300w 2.75 3.8 $7,104 9454P 48 290w 240-300w 2.75 3.8 $394.59P 280w 240-300w 3.25 3.8 $2,730

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