Nintendo Switch Sports: at this price everyone is buying it!

Nintendo Switch Sports: at this price everyone is buying it!

Nintendo Switch Sports

Just a couple of days ago we reported a splendid promotion relating to the Nintendo Switch console, sold by Amazon, on the occasion of its Amazon Black Friday 2022 offers, at a really affordable price, especially considering that it is an inclusive bundle of an excellent game!

The bundle, which is still available, in fact included  the console, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a good 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online subscription, all at the price of €299.98. against the €368.00 of the original price! In short, a great deal, to which today you can also add this excellent offer from Mediaworld, and another excellent title to play alone or, even better, in company!

On the portal, in fact, the fun Nintendo Switch Sports is on sale for just €39.99! A fun and activity-packed title, the spiritual heir of the famous Wii Sports that had consecrated the previous generation of Nintendo consoles to success!

Revisiting, therefore, the formula of its predecessor, Nintendo Switch Sports will also offer you the possibility of experimenting with various sports activities, using the versatile Joycons included in the console as controllers, which can thus be used in a completely similar way to what happened with the Wii controller in the shape of a remote control.

There are 6 games included , equally divided between "the classics", which some will remember from the days of Nintendo Wii, plus some new ones. Specifically, you and your friends can compete in tennis, football, badminton, volleyball, the beloved bowling and the particular "chanbara", or a fight armed with swords in which you will have to push your opponent out of the ring, without getting pushed back!

In short, you will have plenty to do, and since a joycon will be enough to have fun, you can already play with a second player without buying additional devices! Not a bad prospect, especially in view of the upcoming holiday season in which, perhaps, Nintendo Switch Sports could turn into a perfect tool for family fun!

Read also: The best Black Friday 2022 offers That said , we just have to refer you directly to the Mediaworld page dedicated to the promo, so that you can make the purchase before the offer ends or, worse, that the product itself is sold out.

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