Micro SD for Nintendo Switch | The best of 2022

Micro SD for Nintendo Switch | The best of 2022

To better enjoy the vast amount of titles on Nintendo Switch (Classic, Lite and Oled) it is always advisable to combine the internal memory of the console with an expansion card in micro SD format. This is so you don't have to constantly delete and install your favorite games from the Nintendo hybrid. The following is therefore a list of the best micro SD cards on the market compatible with Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Switch Oled.

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Micro SD for Nintendo Switch, the best

SanDisk Micro SD XC, the official (ON BLACK FRIDAY OFFER) Samsung Micro SD EVO Select, the best performing Kingston Micro SD Canvas Select Plus, the economic (ON BLACK FRIDAY OFFER) Gigastone Micro SD 4K Game Pro set of 5, to have infinite memory

SanDisk Micro SD XC, the official Nintendo

Let's start with the first on the list, an official Nintendo themed SanDisk branded micro SD card. These are cards of different capacities with excellent performance. These micro SD cards allow you to add content from 64GB up to 512GB with data transfer speeds of up to 100MB/sec. In addition to this, the peculiarity of these storage cards is that they are also very beautiful to the eye thanks to the chosen colors and the Nintendo-branded screen prints that can be found on the various cards. Being the official cards, however, they are also the most expensive ones.

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Samsung Micro SD EVO Select, the most performing

From SanDisk cards we now pass to a Samsung. The Micro SD Evo Select not only offers Switch players a high-quality product, but the prices are now also decidedly attractive. In fact, without spending too much, thanks to this micro SD you can take home a card capable of giving you up to 512 GB of extra storage space. If the goal is to go without fail, and not spend too much on a micro SD card, with Samsung's Evo Select you will have a highly reliable, super resistant card with UHS-I interface, the standard for video recording high definition. Finally, the adapter is also included.

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Kingston Micro SD Canvas Select Plus, the economic

We continue This list of the best micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch with Kingston Micro SD XC models. A product in line with the standards of the best choices, and which satisfies all those players who want maximum space at minimum price. This from Kingston is one of the cheapest proposals on the net and offers a 512 GB Micro SD at a price that is around 70 euros, instead of the 90 euros of the other brands. Great choice also in terms of capacity starting from a 16 GB micro SD card up to 512 GB. Also including the inevitable adapter which at this price is more than a gift.

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Gigastone Micro SD 4K Game Pro Set from 5, for infinite memory

If, on the other hand, you need over 600 GB of memory divided into all the convenience of a 128 GB card, Gigastone offers a set of 5 128 GB Micro SDs for just over 80 euros GB one. We are talking about cards that are perfect for playing in 4K and even if they reach speeds of only 100/50 MB/s, they offer the great reliability of the UHS-1 interface. So if you don't have too many pretensions and just want to take home a gigantic storage space, divided into several parts, the Gigastone offer is the one for you.

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How to choose a Micro SD for Nintendo Switch

There are not many features to consider when choosing a Micro SD for Nintendo Switch, depending on the use, however, it is good to be careful to a couple of factors so as to prefer the most performing card for your needs.


The first of these factors is capacity. The larger the capacity of the SD card, the more games it will be possible to store on it. Nintendo Switch supports Micro SD cards up to 2 Tera. Currently, however, cards with this capacity are not available on the market and even those of 1 Tera are excessive for Nintendo's hybrid console (unless you want to keep a huge park of titles always installed on your console). If you are a gamer who prefers indie games, we advise you to take a micro SD ranging from 16 to 64 GB, more than enough capacity to contain even the heaviest of indie games. If, on the other hand, you prefer triple A or much heavier titles, then we recommend SD cards ranging from 128 GB and up.

Transfer speed and abbreviations (SDXC, Speed ​​Class, and UHS -I)

This value refers to the speed at which data is transferred between card and console. This means that the higher this value is, the more game installation, uploads and their execution in general are performed in the best way. We therefore advise you to choose cards with transfer speeds that can reach 100 MB/sec , so as to have an optimal gaming experience.

There is a lot of confusion instead as regards the abbreviations and the numerous symbols that found on a micro SD. This is due to the fact that technology runs so fast that it always requires a new logo to indicate different standards. Without going into too much detail, here is some information that you can find on the micro SD cards in this guide.

SDXC: a micro SDXC has a minimum capacity that can vary from 32GB to 2T and a writing speed of about 104MB /S. They are currently the best performing for Nintendo Switch and are superior to the old SDHC . Speed ​​class: if you look on your Micro SD you will see a U with a number between 1 and 3 inside. That marks the speed class of the cards. The old SDHCs had circles ranging from 2 to 10, the new SDXCs have a U ranging from 1 to 3 (U1 is perfect for your Switch) and the recommended video cards have a V ranging from 6 at 90. UHS-I : it is nothing more than the extension of the U with the number you find on the card. U stands for UHS or Ultra High Speed. UHS-I write up to 104MB/S UHS-II up to 312MB/S. It is also an acronym indicating the supported interfaces. The UHS-I one is the best for your Nintendo Switch.


The choice of the card brand is up to you and we don't have much advice to give you about it. They all work, each with its own characteristics, but if you want a product with the guarantee that it will last over time then perhaps it is better to spend a few euros more and choose a micro SD offered by the most famous brands in the field of memory cards or directly official for Nintendo Switch. These are also personalized with the logos of the most famous Nintendo games such as Zelda, Animal Crossing and of course Super Mario.

Recommended price

In this selection we have offered you the best cards on the market at best possible price. However, if you have no idea about the cost of a micro SD, here is some simple information that will help you orient yourself in the purchase. The average price for a good 32GB micro SD card is around 15-20 euros, that of a 128GB card is around 30-40 euros, while that of a 512GB micro SD is around 80 -90 euros .

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