The best video games for Playstation 5

What are the best PS5 games? Sony’s next-generation console is a new kind, but it’s moving faster than any previous platform of the Japanese giant, with compelling gaming software. As part of our guide, we've put together the best PS5 games you can play today. The following is a complete list of the best PS5 games. These are top titles in 2022 and great games that we believe all PS players should try, regardless of individual tastes or preferences.

GTA V Online: The Diamond Casino and Resort

The Diamond Casino and Resort add-on for GTA is one of the best gambling video games for PlayStation 5.  With enough cash, you can join the casino and gain access to a luxury limousine, helicopter, suite, garage, private bar, and arcade machines with games such as Invade, Persuade II, and Street Crime: Gang Wars.

Of course, it wouldn't be a real casino if there were no games of chance. Poker, roulette, blackjack, betting on horse races, and raffles are coming to GTA Online.

One of the most successful PlayStation games comes with enriched content bringing it closer to gambling games. Therefore, while enjoying PlayStation 5, you can place bets and play online casino games. The Diamond Casino & Resort expansion also brings a new set of missions and a story about the fight for prestige and bigger prizes. Connoisseurs of the GTA series will be pleased to hear that Bruce “Brucie” Kibbutz, a character who debuted in GTA PS4 games, will reappear in this PlayStation 5 extension.

Professional experts from one of the most trustworthy reviews platforms 1 dollar deposit casinos called this GTA add-on a rewarding experience in the world of online casino games. After all, this is a great opportunity to try gambling even without a minimum deposit. So, when it comes to online gambling, their opinion matters.

Everyone is welcome inside one of the most luxurious buildings in the Los Santos region. In addition to the beautiful new building, you can access a whole new set of cooperative missions based on storytelling revolving around becoming part of the Diamond Family and protecting the family business.

Horizon Forbidden West

The story is layered and tense enough so we could classify it among the best works in the domain of science fiction games. Moreover, it is creatively arranged, introducing you to the custom of weeping, and at one point, you get a free lesson on the greatest works of art in Dutch history.

One of the best PlayStation 5 games minimally touches on the motif of humanity's ecological responsibility. However, it sticks to a safe zone and does not draw links between its fiction and our reality. Only universal things such as greed, exploitation, and disrespect for other people's traditions are condemned. After all, this is not just a story about saving the world but also a story about what happens to the one who does it.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker is a strategy, single-player and multiplayer gambling video game developed and published by Pipeworks Studio and 505 Games. One of the favorite casino games welcomes you to a whole new environment where you take on the role of a poker player who needs to be the best at beating others. In the game, opponents worldwide play each other to build reputation, prestige, and more.

All competitions take place in the town of Prominence, known as a gambling paradise. Test your fortune and take over the world by increasing your stakes many times. In addition to a single-player mode, gamblers can find a rich multiplayer model with regularly scheduled events, tournaments and daily challenges.


The premise of Deathlop is not easy to explain, but we will try anyway. In this first-person shooter, you take on the role of Colt, a man, trapped in a 24-hour time loop on Blackreef Island. Every morning Colt wakes up on the beaches of Blackreef and spends the same day. That loop was created by eight Visionary, distinctive lunatics who have their mysterious reasons for doing it.

The only way to escape from this island and break the time loop is to kill all eight Visionaries - all in one day. If Colt dies or at least misses one of his targets in those 24 hours, he wakes up "the next day" on the same beach, and his torments start again. However, our main character knows his side as he retains his memory and everything he learned during previous loops.

The more you play, explore and die, the closer you get to that perfect formula to kill all eight targets in one day. However, things are often peppered by Julianna, one of the Visionaries and your rival, who - not only also remembers everything from previous loops - but also tries to kill you and prevent you from breaking it.

Resident Evil Village


The Resident Evil series of games has gone through many transitions and changes in its 25 years of existence. One of the biggest was undoubtedly the one in Resident Evil 7. This game switched to a first-person perspective, but surprisingly it did not follow the action pace of its predecessors, being closer to the original idea of surviving in cramped interiors. The successor to that game called "Village" does not continue that tradition but relies most on outdoor shooting action.

The Village is probably the best-balanced Resident Evil in the last 15 years. The focus on the action here opened up for a simple reason. While Resident Evil 7 was a game developed for virtual reality, Village, on the other hand, is dedicated exclusively to the classic experience. This can be noticed in the broader terrain on which you run. The greater the number of enemies on the screen simultaneously is, the more emphasis on player mobility is felt.

The Village is a ballad by Ethan Winters, a character we first met in RE7. After bizarre events at the Bakers ’estate in Louisiana, Ethan and his wife Mia moved to Europe. Here he received military training under the watchful eye of Chris Redfield. But the marital idyll is soon interrupted because the same Chris breaks into the Winters' home one evening, shoots Mia, and kidnaps Ethan's daughter Rose. Ethan resists but gets hit in the forehead, and wakes up in a wolfhound. And literally, because bloodthirsty werewolves attack him in a snow-covered village.


The PlayStation has been the all time favorite among those who love spending their time with the console. This compilation was put together for players who enjoy this activity but might have missed some great game, and for those who are just starting and don’t know what to choose first.

Superior graphics and distinctive sound guarantee a new dimension of the PlayStation gameplay. The only dilemma is whether Sony will be able to deliver a sufficient number of consoles to the market. The demand has been breaking all limits for months.

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