PlayStation Games That Allow Mods

While console players have always enjoyed a smooth gaming experience, often smoother and more reliable than playing games on the PC, they have also been unable to use mods, or modifications, on their games. Modding allows for adding more content to the gameplay, making certain things easier, or just adding something fun. But unlike on a computer, it's not easy to modify a game on the PS by simply downloading a file and clicking on it.

However, there are still some PlayStation games that allow mods to enhance the experience in various ways. If you've been looking for PS4 games that have modifications, here is a list of some of the best ones you can find.

Fallout 4

Fallout is quite a popular game series played by a number of people around the world. This is a title that is full of life, thanks to its vast world that you can explore while completing tasks.

This PlayStation game is also great for gambling fans since it has gambling mini-games inside. It's like a 5 dollar deposit casino NZ where you can try many games with a minimum deposit. Professional players say that the game experience in Fallout is one of the most exciting. So, if you're someone who has been looking for the best place to play some cards at, you'll really enjoy the casino games within Fallout 4. Not only does it let you gamble a little while enjoying this title, but also adds a rather unique element to this vast world that is missing from many others.

Even though the game is vast and fun, it's one of the titles that support modding to add even more to the experience. Some of these are great for improving the graphics of the title while others are useful for bug fixes. You need a Bethesda account to install one of the many available modifications that are available for this PS4 title. Some popular ones include Companion Infinite Ammo, Quick Hack and Pick, and Cheat Room.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim - Special Edition

This is one of the PS4 games that really paved the way when it comes to modding on a console. This remains a highly popular title, with a huge community of fans who regularly create PS4 game mods for it. These can do a whole lot, from improving graphics and NPC interactions to adding new missions that can be enjoyed. Modding is one of the reasons why this title still keeps going even after so many years have passed since its launch.

Like the other Bethesda games for the PlayStation 4, you have to log into your account. Then find the modification you want to try in the special submenu. All you have to do is download one and you're good to go. A good starting point is to download Surreal Lighting which enhances the title's graphics and makes them more realistic.

The support for modifications spread to a lot of other titles after this one, which makes it a legend in the gaming community in this regard.

Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is not a PlayStation 4 title but one for the PS3. If you like watching PS game trailers and downloading a title based on how great it visually looks, you might want to check out this legendary title too as it still holds up. This title had a huge community behind it, and so there were a lot of mods available too. When games support mods, players become more and more excited to play them as there's always something new to try. And Unreal Tournament is one such title even today.

Many of the modifications created for this title added new maps that brought new life into it. These maps became the reason for many fans to come back to the game after leaving it for some time. Even though the process of adding a mod on a PS3 is not nearly as easy as on a PlayStation 4, players still enjoy Unreal Tournament 3 simply because of how the modifications update the title regularly.

Farming Simulator

If you're a fan of simulator titles based on farming, and you're looking for one that allows mods, the Farming Simulator franchise is the one you want to try. These titles can be very relaxing and even teach you some skills to help you in life. You might just take up farming after playing this title long enough!

To make the experience even more fun for players, these games have had support for modifications for quite some time. Whether you want to play Farming Simulator 2017 or 2019, you'll find a good mod to improve your gameplay.

These simulator games can be enhanced with modifications that add various tools and tractors. Like many PS4 titles, installing such modifications is easy. You just have to scroll to the mod submenu on your PlayStation 4 and find the file you're looking for. These files are characterized as DLC files in the PlayStation Store.


So, if you've ever asked yourself 'does the PS4 support mods?', the answer is yes. Even though the company is still not 100% sure about modifications, they have started to support them little by little. The process is much easier than it used to be which is a great step in the right direction. Utilizing modifications like the addition of new and interesting maps, fixing bugs and issues, and improving the graphics of a title is not harmful to anyone and allows players to find more interest in their favorite titles that might be getting old or a little stale.

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