The 5 best adventure video games to play on PC in 2022

The 5 best adventure video games to play on PC in 2022

With the passage of time and the succession of videogame generations, the medium has become increasingly complex. To the point of making the boundaries between genres more blurred, giving rise to hybridizations that would have rewritten our way of conceiving video games. Despite this premise, we want to offer you a small ranking dedicated to the best adventure video games toa> play on PC in 2022. At least, of these "first" months that we have lived.

2022 is still long, and there are many titles that have yet to land on the platform, also in light of the continuous and important references we have seen. But there is always something to play, discover or rediscover in this thriving and rich market. The PC world is vast and boundless, even more so than the console one, so we invite you to explore the market without fear, with a little curiosity, in order to find experiences that go beyond the ordinary. On our pages we deal with them every day, and these are just some of the possible options.

In short, let's finally throw ourselves into this ranking!

While condemning the seductive and dangerous properties of gambling, it is impossible not to be captivated by the charm of Card Shark. Set in eighteenth-century France, this unusual adventure will take us to the tables of French high society, on a social climb through deceptions and rigged cards. An unusual card game that, in addition to putting us at the center of the experience, tells a story well rooted in that social context.

Being able to experience gambling, the intrigues of power and the plots of French society in the late 1700s it is something extremely unique. Card Shark does it with taste and a lot of charisma, thanks to Nicolai Troshinsky's artistic style.

Death Stranding needs no introduction, nor does its eclectic creator Hideo Kojima. Two abundant years have passed since its launch on Playstation 4, but the charm of that journey of hope has never changed. The release of the Director's Cut on PC is another opportunity to enjoy this strange, imperfect and intense journey, in the company of all the Sam "Porter" Bridges you will meet along the way.

Still today, a of the most effective applications of asynchronous multiplayer. To discover or rediscover, perhaps with an ultra wide monitor in 21: 9, despite its nature of a divisive experience and not for everyone.

3) The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe is absolutely worth discovering, with its biting humor and a metanarrative parable about video games. Play it and let yourself be played by its creator, and by the wonderful narrative voice of Kevan Brighting.

2) Syberia The World Before

Syberia is a well-known name for fans of graphic adventures. Kate Walker's original adventure was beautiful, born from the creative mind of Belgian cartoonist BenoƮt Sokal, who passed away last year. Syberia The World Before is her latest story, a new journey around the world with Kate Walker, whose narration is intertwined this time with Dana Roze, a young pianist.

With her mature and exciting narration, and puzzles worthy of the best point and click adventures, Syberia The World Before has made its way into the hearts of critics and audiences. An adventure from the past, but perfectly set in the contemporaneity of today's videogame.

1) Tunic

Andrew Shouldice's work was long in coming, but it was definitely worth it . Tunic is an isometric adventure that pays homage to the classic vision of The Legend of Zelda, but is also much more than that. It is an adventure with a dynamic combat system and elements borrowed from Dark Souls, but above all a wonderful love letter to the instruction manuals of the past.

Consult, decipher and understand everything the team has inserted in the game manual in game is an incredible experience. A mechanic that elevates Tunic to something more than a simple "clone" of The Legend of Zelda. Beautiful, as well as available on Game Pass.

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