How to install One UI 5.0 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S22 (also Plus and Ultra)

How to install One UI 5.0 Beta on Samsung Galaxy S22 (also Plus and Ultra)

A few days ago, Samsung announced the availability in Beta of the next version of its smartphone software. The One UI 5.0 interface based on Android 13 is currently only officially available for a handful of devices including the new flagships of the Galaxy S22 series but, if you are interested in trying the news in advance and you are an adventurous user, install updating is not complicated at all. Here's how to do it!

Before installing the beta it is advisable to back up your data via Smart Switch; the software we are going to install, in fact, is still immature, and the possibility of encountering problems is not remote, even if in our first test we did not encounter disabling problems for daily use.

Install One UI 5.0 with official method

One UI 5.0 is not yet available in our country, at least at the date of this writing. If you read this article a few weeks later, however, you might want to try the following procedure and see if it works. The beta, for the moment, is only available in Germany, but will soon arrive in China, South Korea, India, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The first thing to do to install the beta of One UI 5.0 is to become Beta Tester. You become a Beta Tester by accessing the Samsung Members app (available on the Play Store) and choosing the Registration for One UI Beta Program item. Then, go to Settings> Software Updates and tap on Download and install to start the installation.

Pros: Cons: The update is managed by Samsung like any normal OTA You can participate in the official discussion on the Samsung Members community You will receive the various Beta updates from the Settings Access is limited to certain countries

How to install One UI 5.0 manually?

If the official Beta version has not yet arrived in our country at the time of writing this article, don't despair! There is in fact an alternative method that will allow you to install the new update on your smartphone quite quickly and quickly, all without even approaching the PC but following the procedure described here by the device itself!

Download the file to your phone containing the desired firmware:

Samsung Galaxy S22 (SM-G901B) Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (SM-G906B) | Not yet available Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-G908B) Download the Alliance Shield X application from the Google Play Store and register for the service. Once you have created an account, use it to log in and complete the initial setup of the app. You will be asked for authorization for smartphone administration and access to Samsung Knox, accept both. Don't worry, we will only need to start the update process, then you can safely remove all permissions and uninstall this app from your Galaxy.

Now rename the downloaded firmware to "" (thus also modifying file extension from .bin to .zip please) and move the file to the main folder of the internal memory "/ storage / emulated / 0". You can do this step directly from your smartphone's Archive application, either using a PC if you feel more secure.

Go to the Activities menu and search for "com.idm.fotaagent.enabler.ui.admin.main .AdminMainActivity “. Touch the activity to open a drop-down menu, from there select Open.

A menu dedicated to updating the smartphone will open. Choose the Sideload entry and if you have followed the procedure correctly it should show you the file prepared previously. Select it to start the update process.

Your smartphone will restart and the actual update process will take some time, don't worry if it seems to you that the progress rate has stopped. It is very important not to restart the smartphone during the update to avoid making it unusable. At the end of the installation your Galaxy S22 will reboot and you can enjoy the first Beta of One UI 5.0 and Android 13.

Pros: Cons: You don't need to reside in the countries where the Beta program has been opened. participate in the official discussion on the Samsung Members community You will not receive the various Beta updates from the Settings but they will have to be installed manually

Is it possible to exit the Beta and return to Android 12 / One UI 4.1?

Downgrading is always possible , in case you find the beta unstable or change your mind.

If you have used the official installation method, from Samsung Members in Settings you need to select the One UI Beta Program and from the screen that opens choose the 'special option to exit the beta program. Afterwards, just connect the smartphone to the computer and use the Smart Switch to perform the actual downgrade.

If you have used the manual method, by connecting the smartphone to the Smart Switch it will be possible to restore the original software .

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