The Pizza Quiz is a game that platina in 36 seconds and cash in on trophy hunters

The Pizza Quiz is a game that platina in 36 seconds and cash in on trophy hunters

Through a report from Mat Piscatella, a well-known analyst of the videogame market and head of the NPD Group, we discover that there is a game called The Pizza Quiz. Because it's interesting? Because it is a video game that allows you to get Platinum in 36 seconds.

It is clearly a classic game designed to attract those players who love to hunt for trophies and stock up on Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum quickly. However, we believe that this game is one of the fastest known, as it only takes 36 seconds according to Piscatella's statement.

As you can see through his tweet, Piscatella shared some images dedicated to the game to confirm As said. The trophy list he showed indicates how we got many trophies in exactly the same minute, so actually he was able to do it in seconds.

Through a quick search on the PS Store, we can see that The Pizza Quiz costs € 1.49: trophy hunters will not resist in front of such an inexpensive and so generous game. However, we note that this is not the only game in the series. There are probably identical games dedicated to basketball, football, pigeons, burgers, pigs, chickens, cows, tacos, dogs and sheep.

Assuming any game can platinum in less than a minute, for fifteen dollars you could be filling your trophy list in less time than Bloodborne v1.0 needs to load a play area. Let's also assume that these games now take on additional value thanks to PlayStation Stars which requires you to level up by earning trophies and purchasing games.

Speaking only of trophies, it is obvious that they have no real value other than what the player himself assigns to them. Some just like to see bigger and bigger numbers, others willfully ignore them, others also find them a bore while other players just play for the sake of playing and platinum games just because they are having fun and want to do everything the game offers (which often it is even more than the trophies require).

The Pizza Quiz and the other games in the series demonstrate once again that there is a real market behind the compulsive collection of trophies. What do you think?

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