A Plague Tale Requiem already discounted on Amazon! Buy it now!

A Plague Tale Requiem already discounted on Amazon! Buy it now!

Arrived on the market a few days ago, and immediately consecrated itself as one of the most interesting titles of this last season of 2022, A Plague Tale Requeim is a title that immediately struck us, also thanks to the immense surprise that the previous title gave us which, net of everything, it presented itself as a totally unexpected title in its beauty, even net of what could be some obvious budget limits.

Larger, broader and more varied than its predecessor, Requeim is a title that has been able to amaze us once again, and that is why it cannot absolutely be ignored in this offer proposed by Amazon which, against all odds, is already selling the game at a discounted price, thus passing from the original € 54.74 , for only € 49.99!

A small discount, of course, but undoubtedly interesting for those who, perhaps, were waiting a little longer before grabbing this game which, as we told you in our review, goes definitely every penny spent on its purchase!

Sequel to the splendid Innocence, the debut chapter of this promising IP created by Asobo Studio, A Plague Tale Requiem tells, once again, of the adventures, vicissitudes and the pains of a couple of orphans, Amecia and Hugo, unfortunately innocent victims of the torments and sufferings of a Europe devastated by the plague which, in addition to claiming victims, seems to be completely changing the appearance of cities and nature, as well as that of people.

After escaping from the devastation of their homeland, narrated in the course of the first game, the two will then embark on a journey south, desperate for a safe place from the epidemic that still claims victims in a large part of Europe. Obviously, things will not go the right way at all and, once again, Amicia will find herself forced to fight for her own survival, and for that of her young brother in which, as we were told in the previous title, they are awakening. dark and supernatural powers!

Fully taking up the themes and mechanics of the previous title, but expanding them thanks to some excellent ideas, useful to make the gameplay richer, varied and less linear, A Plague Tale Requeim is a title strongly narrative, in which the exploration is not extensive, but still satisfying, and whose mix of action and stealth, makes the whole experience dynamic, exciting and fun.

In summary, we are talking about a great game, whose price offered today by Amazon will allow most people to recover what, undoubtedly, is once again a small pearl of Asobo's production.

Read also: A Plague Tale: Requiem, the ambitious sequel by Asobo Studio | Review That said, we just have to refer you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the offer, with the invitation to make the purchase as soon as possible, so that you can grab this excellent and fun videogame before it is sold out or, worse, that the offer terms completely!

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