What you should know about Multiversus characters


Believe it or not, in such a new game as Multiversus there already exists some balance. Which means that some characters are more powerful than others. But why should you care about that? By knowing about heroes weaknesses and features you can count on the victory or defeat respectfully. We are not saying that you should learn by heart all the characters stats and play only like it is a simulator of an algebraic expression. But knowing some tips and tricks has never hurt anybody, doesn’t it? That is why you should know who is the Multiversus best character and we are here to explain it.

List of the best and worst

Let's put the heroes in the list for more comfort. Overall, there are five categories, from the best to not so good. But, even after finding out about the most powerful hero you should pay attention to the difficulty of playing this character. Let’s start with:

     Top Tier

Unexpectedly, a Bugs Bunny here. As many players report, the rabbit has plenty of different features and you can feel comfortable playing it in any game situation and mode.

     High Tier

Here we can put Velma, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Steven Universe. These heroes have multifunctional purposes, which means that they can be used in any mode. You may find some difficulties while fighting Bugs Bunny with them, but if you are experienced enough, there is a chance to beat him.

     Lower High Tier

Some of the characters here deserve to be in a High Tier, but they are considered the most suitable for those who have already played the game anyway. They are the famous heroes from cartoons, comics and movies: The Iron Giant, Morty, Reindog, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Jake the Dog, Finn the Human, Arya Stark, Harley Quinn and Superman.

     Mid Tier

We are not saying that those heroes are worthless and they were put here just because of their names. But to get the same result, compared to the characters above, you will have to try harder. If you are new to the game, then you should probably avoid them.

     Low Tier

Taz, or The Tasmanian Devil is currently the weakest among all the heroes. He was made for players who like the challenge and are not afraid to lose again and again. Maybe, in the next update the situation with Taz will change.

You should also remember that this list is only temporary and suitable for patch 1.01. Later on, who knows what character the developer will add or how the existing heroes are going to change. That is why you should follow the information about the latest updates to not miss something important. 

A side note

These recommendations are only meant to make your gaming experience more pleasurable. I mean, who are we to judge if you just entered the game and want to play your most favorite hero? Even if he is hard to manage. It will be harder to remember their abilities and play, but the purpose of the game is to have some fun, right? In the end, all the heroes features may change and you will have to learn everything from the beginning again creating new formulas for winning. That already sounds like a full time job. It is a brief explanation of what character is easier to play, but not a call for action, after all. Do as you wish and good luck in battle.



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