5 reasons to watch Superman & Lois

5 reasons to watch Superman & Lois

5 reasons to watch Superman &

Superman is once again flying the skies of the prime time of Italia 1 with the new TV series Superman & Lois which debuted on July 16th and will keep us company, with 3 episodes every week, until next August 20th, the series is also available in free streaming and in Italian on Infinity. After the arrival on Italia 1 and Infinity, we indicate the 5 reasons to watch Superman & Lois, the new series dedicated to the Man of Steel.

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5 reasons to watch Superman & Lois

An unofficial sequel to Man of Steel and Zack Snyder's Justice League Super-family with (super) problems: between Smallville and Lois & Clark - The new Superman adventures Not the usual easter-eggs A different approach to the characters ... ... and to the narrative

An unofficial sequel to Man of Steel and Zack Snyder's Justice League

If you have remained tied to Zack Snyder's Superman, that played stoically by Henry Cavill, then Superman & Lois is the series for you. Despite being born from an offshoot of the Arrowverse, from the very first bars, Superman & Lois is configured as a real unofficial sequel to both Man of Steel and Zack Snyder's Justice League.

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Super-family with (super) problems: between Smallville and Lois & Clark - The new adventures of Superman

Superman & Lois is an extremely character driven series. In the background there is obviously the threat of the mysterious stranger who is testing the limits of Superman and the tycoon Morgan Edge, but the true narrative heart of the series is the challenge that parenting represents for Lois and Clark.

All this was made possible by obviously drawing on the characters' rich television past. Lois & Superman is a super family drama that mixes the taste for adventure as seen in the legendary The New Adventures of Lois & Clark with the typical dynamics of the small provincial town, Smallville of course, which cannot fail to bring to mind the very homonymous series with Tom Welling. And, of course, speaking of Smallville it was impossible for the series not to also deal with the classic adolescent problems through Jordan and Jonathan but here too it is not the usual teen drama clichés on the contrary, despite having moments attributable to the genre, Superman & Lois manages to take an extremely realistic approach.

Not the usual easter-eggs

From the first to the last episode of this first season, Superman & Lois is full of easter eggs. To the delight of fans, Easter eggs are often really short hints, small references or fleeting mentions. Superman & Lois, on the other hand, fully embraces the iconography and history of the Man of Steel, drawing from any possible source from comics to movies, through video games and TV series.

This is really just the easiest example to report. We challenge you to find all the easter eggs and quotes scattered throughout the first season.

A different approach to the characters ...

See Clark and Lois as experienced parents, and with two teenage children, it is a radically different incipit than the classic Superman. However, this allowed the writers to really dig deep into the psychology of the character by providing a less "rigid" portrait of Clark Kent / Superman, and new and stimulating dynamics from the presence of the children Jordan and Jonathan but also with Lois. It is also important to underline how the performance of all the Kent family interpreters grows episode after episode: it is difficult to find a character who is ultimately not very credible or stereotyped during the first season.

Special mention should also be given to Tyler Hoechlin: affable and with a slender physique like that of the late Christopher Reeve, his interpretation is halfway between the Clark Kent as brought to the small screen by Dean Cain and the Proactive superman from John Byrne's comics. Imposing yes, but never overwhelming. The writers and showrunners wanted to represent an extremely "human" Superman capable of inspiring.

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… and narration

There are two aspects that differentiate Superman & Lois from the Arrowverse series and more generally from traditional superhero TV series. The first is the production: from CGI to photography, the whole series has a strong cinematic inspiration that brings it closer to the famous productions for streaming platforms than the classic TV series.

The second is linked to a decidedly narrative horizontal. This means that instead of the proven formula of the "villain of the weekly", a plot is favored that unfolds along all the episodes with plots that intersect in a decidedly effective way even in light of the well-placed twists. In this regard, it is very interesting to note how, in addition to the aforementioned easter-eggs, several great Supermanian stories of the present and the past are reworked giving the wording "adaptation" and "based on characters" certainly interesting, also managing to grasp some of the more in vogue of pop culture.

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