Transport bonus 2022: how to get the 60 euro voucher

Transport bonus 2022: how to get the 60 euro voucher

Transport bonus 2022

From 1 September 2022, starting at 8:00 in the morning, it is possible to officially request the 2022 transport bonus by visiting a dedicated site set up by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility. This is, to all intents and purposes, a measure reserved for a specific public that will be able to obtain a voucher of 60 euros that can be spent to cover, entirely or not, the thickness of a subscription to a local public transport company (TPL ). According to what has been reported, it seems that there has been a real boom in requests; 515,000 vouchers have been issued since 1 September. In the first day alone, the issues of the vouchers had been 150,000.

The Government had initially allocated 79 million euros, later raised to 180 million euros. Those who fail to obtain the benefit can submit the expenses in the tax return and obtain a deduction of 19% on a maximum of 250 euros spent on public transport passes; in this case, the measure applies to all taxpayers without any particular constraint.

subjects: natural persons, dependent minors, freelancers with VAT number; total income: not exceeding 35 thousand euros, achieved in 2021 (self-certification). all taxable income, not only those from work and retirement, including therefore those from rent and subject to coupon dry. Each member of the household, providing the declaration form and if not charged to a parent, can repeat the operation to obtain their personal voucher.

It will be determined by the amount of the annual or monthly subscription that you intend to buy. The voucher is valid for the purchase of season tickets for local, regional and interregional public transport services or for national rail transport services. The bonus is not transferable and does not affect the calculation of the ISEE.

How to get it

name and surname; fiscal Code; the total income of the beneficiary; amount of the voucher requested. We specify that before requesting the fund, with a maximum value of 60 euros, it is necessary to inquire at the points of sale or official sites of the local public transport companies. We remind you, in fact, that the expense can be used to fully cover, or not, a monthly or annual subscription. The voucher is issued through the portal and is marked with a unique identification code, therefore not transferable. The disbursements will follow the order of registration on the portal, therefore we recommend accessing them as soon as possible since the "click-day" risk is unfortunately around the corner.

The precise instructions and information (also for public transport companies) are contained in the implementing decree signed by the Ministry of Labor, the MEF and the MIMS on 29 July 2022.

For which subscriptions is it valid?


The bonus can be requested until the end of the year, 31 December 2022, or the end of the available resources. The voucher must be spent within the month of issue; after this deadline, the unused voucher will be automatically canceled.

6% or nothing: Striking Putco staff reject management's proposed new wage offer

Putco tabled a final offer after meeting with trade unions on Sunday.

Striking bus drivers protest at Putco in Pennyville over salaries on 7 September 2022. Picture: Veronica Makhoali/Eyewitness News.

SOWETO - Striking Public Utility Transport Corporation (Putco) drivers at the Dobsonville depot have vehemently rejected a new wage offer proposed by the bus company’s management in bid to bring an end to the wildcat strike.

Putco tabled a final offer after meeting with trade unions on Sunday.

The bus company dismissed 105 bus drivers, last week, who had downed tools over a 6% salary increase and bonuses dating back to 2020.

The unions led by National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) met with members outside the gates of the Putco depot in Soweto where the group had been protesting since the beginning of this month.


In its final offer to the striking drivers, Putco management announced it would pay the 6% wage increase promised to workers, but it would not be back-dated.

Putco said it was also willing to pay workers their bonuses, but this would take place over a period of 12 or 18 months.

Management, however, said the 105 workers who were fired for misconduct would not be automatically reinstated and would have to go through a separate disciplinary process.

Addressing the crowd outside the Dobsonville depot on Monday, Numsa’s national organiser Fredrick Mabasa said: “The message that we are getting is that you don’t want a 6% wage increase that won’t come with back pay; you want 6% with back pay and your bonus must come in full. If your employer can’t pay it now, then we can agree as to when they can pay it. But it must not come in installments.”

Unions were set to give feedback to other striking drivers before reporting back to the bus company’s management.

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