The Rings of Power and the Narsil sword

The Rings of Power and the Narsil sword

The Narsil Sword, also known as Flame of the Sun and Flame of the Moon, was shown in the last episode of the Rings of Power (here you can find our review of the first three episodes of the series). After the Amrinaio Elendil has brought both Galadriel and Halbrand to Númenor, Queen Regent Míriel tells the newly arrived man and elf that they must remain in the palace, while their request to pass through Númenor is considered. Middle Earth. Later, Míriel instructs Elendil to keep an eye on Galadriel, and to help him carry out her duties, she hands him a sword, which fans of the Lord of the Rings will have recognized immediately: it is none other than the sword Narsil. But why is this sword so important?

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From this point on there will be some spoilers about The Rings of Power, so we invite you to proceed with the reading with caution.

What is the meaning of the sword Narsil?

In the Last Alliance between Elves and Men, the great battle that will end with the destruction of Sauron (as seen in the prologue of the Company of Peter Jackson's Ring), Narsil is the sword that Elendil wields. Elendil attempted to fight Sauron with his weapon, but was killed, and his sword Narsil broke into two pieces. As fans will remember, immediately after him, his son Isildur picks up the broken sword and cuts off Sauron's finger with the One Ring, setting the stage for the end of the conflict.

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