Stellar Blade: we analyze the news from the State of Play of the PS5 game known as Project Eve

Stellar Blade: we analyze the news from the State of Play of the PS5 game known as Project Eve

Stellar Blade

During Sony's latest State of Play, developers from the ShiftUp studio showed some more details about Stellar Blade, their game formerly known as Project Eve. We saw it for the first time in 2021 and now we know a little more about the post-apocalyptic setting and the many abominations that the protagonist Eve will have to face.

Let's find out all the news of Stellar Blade by analyzing the trailer for the State of Play of September 2022.

Curated by Riccardo Lichene.

The analysis of the trailer

Eve, the protagonist of Stellar Blade The new trailer opens with a character called Orcal, the elder of the last city left on Earth after the apocalypse : Xion. He will be the one to introduce Eve to the mysteries of this latest outpost of humanity. Immediately after, Adam is introduced, one of our native Xion allies who will probably be the narrator of the entire game since his voice is the same that was the background to the first trailer. The city's population retreated to an underground bunker and voluntarily underwent a drug-induced coma to minimize their energy consumption. Adam says that without Eve everyone will be doomed to die.

Moments later, the first of the game's NA: tives appears: monsters infected with a parasitic fungus made of flesh and metal that will be the main enemy of Stellar Blade. After a few fight scenes we find that there will be dynamic parkour sessions with dodging objects and quick time events. Already in the first trailer we had seen Eve sliding down a tunnel avoiding obstacles, now we know that it was not an isolated activity.

On the Playstation Blog, ShiftUp describes the heart of the combat mechanics of Stellar Blade as follows: "It is essential to dodge and parry the attacks of the NA: tive, the more precise the controls, the more damage will be inflicted through unique combos and abilities . During the game you will unlock Beta skills - (we believe passive ed) - and powerful Burst skills (offensive), which will be very pleasing to the eye. " The combat segments shown are very reminiscent (especially in sound design) of FromSoftware's where parrying at the right moment creates the perfect window to inflict the most lethal attacks.

The feature Stellar Blade aims to be unique, however, it seems to be the speed of the moves and movements. Eve deals lightning-fast streaks when she attacks and will have unique finishers for each final boss. There is a robot who accompanies her on her adventures and who transforms into futuristic rail guns and machine guns. We do not know if these firearms will be available in normal combat or are only the prerogative of boss fights.

The combat system of Stellar Blade It is not obvious from the trailers, but from the description of the game on the Playstation Blog we learn that there will be in-game choices that will have repercussions on the plot. In fact, we read that "in addition to being on a mission to save the Earth from the NA: tive, Eve must also help the citizens of Xion. Whether or not you help the survivors will depend entirely on your decision as a player".

At the level of enemies, then, from the 2021 trailer we can guess that we will not only fight abominations of flesh and metal but also other humans and / or androids who have decided to ally with the NA: tive to destroy the world .

Stellar Blade's surprises

Stellar Blade's handsome provatonist The first trailer of 2021 offered few certainties: a very sexy protagonist destroys techno abominations by fighting choreographically, almost dancing. We now know a little more about the nature of the enemies, the setting and the plot of the game. The focus of ShiftUp, as well as on the forms of Eve, was on the combat system that amazes thanks to its dynamism, but it is still early to understand if it will be sufficiently varied in the segments that lead from one bossfight to another.

Fans of the genre are very fond of evolving their arsenal of weapons and abilities: Stellar Blade hasn't shown anything to that effect other than the cut-scenes that act as a finisher for the Bosses. The brief mention of in-game choices that will impact the game world is very intriguing. The potential for multiple endings is always there if the story is developed enough. Finally, the graphics are undoubtedly curated and on PS5 the technical sector will not disappoint.

Stellar Blade promises frenetic and dynamic fights in a refined setting and with deliberately provocative and fascinating characters. What we know about the plot is not fully convincing because it risks seeming already seen and it would be nice if, in addition to aesthetics, the protagonists were able to communicate something more on a human level.


Fast-paced and dynamic combat Characters "pleasing to the eye" Variety of settings DOUBT The plot risks being too similar to titles already seen Characters currently underdeveloped Have you noticed any errors?

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