Scented candles | The best of 2022

Scented candles | The best of 2022

One of the most fascinating things to observe in human history is certainly the transformation that objects undergo. Created and shaped by us as useful tools to solve everyday problems, over the years they can end up being relegated to a purely aesthetic role or even disappear from civilizations leaving us only a few traces to testify their past existence. The home is undoubtedly one of the places where men have spent the most to invent all sorts of objects and tools, experimenting with new discoveries and striving to achieve the most ingenious solutions.

Before the electricity became obvious in our homes, people relied on a very precious tool that they carefully guarded and used with great parsimony: the candle. However, to get to the form in which we know them today, candles have undergone many transformations, deviating a lot from their original appearance: from hollowed-out stones filled with animal fat that served as fuel, candles have gone on to be rolled up and soaked papyrus sheets. beeswax or other vegetable fats. In this very short journey back, you can already see how much bee-era candles are much older than you might think, only today becoming refined design objects bought by those looking for more sustainable candles.

Read also: Garden furniture | the best offers on Amazon Today candles have become real pieces of furniture, capable of transforming the style of a room or enriching abundant tables during tasty banquets. Delicate and also perfect for illuminating balconies and gardens, candles are able to create the right atmosphere during our summer dinners and are indispensable when it comes to warding off unwanted insects during outdoor aperitifs. If you want to choose how to best arrange the candles at home, there are many proposals to inspire you, and thanks also to the endless images offered by Pinterest there will certainly be an opportunity to take inspiration and then leave room for your creativity. So let's get to the heart of the matter, accompanying you in this article to discover the various types of scented candles present today, of all shapes and sizes and suitable to satisfy any type of need!

Best scented candles

Yankee Candle WoodWick Seletti Bolsius La Jolíe Muse

Yankee Candle

The Yankee Candle is undoubtedly the king of candles, the best known and the most requested by lovers of this product. Available in various sizes, this candle stands out for its countless fragrances: from classic or fruity scents such as cinnamon and mango to the most unusual but very popular fragrances such as "Seaside Woods" "Black Coconut", Yankee Candles are produced with the selected ingredients and high quality wax. The fragrances are released gradually, ensuring a long-lasting fragrance inside your room. Its unmistakable style sees it inserted in the classic glass jar with a lid, in order to contain and preserve its fragrance in the best possible way. Finally, the s toppini are made of 100% cotton and lead free, centrally positioned to offer you optimal combustion.



WoodWick candles are a real gem: a product belonging to the Yankee Candles brand, this line of candles is more refined, both in terms of style with which it is presented than in the fragrances. The peculiarity of these candles is the patented wooden wick of Pluswick candles, which slowly bursts recreating a magical atmosphere that recalls the sounds of the fireplace. The product we recommend here is a three-layer candle, contained in an hourglass-shaped vase that creates a large opening for the complete melting of the wax. The fragrances of these three layers are lavender thermal water, cotton and sea salt and white and jasmine tea, a very delicate mix that will enchant your senses. The mixture of quality waxes produces a residue-free flame, and during combustion the fragrance will be diffused in a constant and uniform way reaching every corner of the room.



Let's move now to a brand that makes aesthetics its strong point, always offering new captivating images and choosing subjects that immediately capture our gaze: we are certainly talking about Seletti. The candles proposed by this brand are eccentric, small works of art that are able to completely transform the style of a room. The model we propose here is in borosilicate glass, designed by TOILETPAPER Magazine in collaboration with Seletti and made of vegetable wax. A natural candle enriched with fragrant essential oils, small in size and perfect as a truly original gift idea!



If you are looking for a candle that has a more delicate scent because you have a slightly more sensitive nose, Bolsius candles are for you! Made with natural extracts and characterized by a delicious vanilla fragrance, this high quality candle will give you a scent inspired by nature. The peculiarity of this candle is also in its certification: produced in Europe with a RAL certificate to guarantee health and safety, this candle ensures you use without risk to the respiratory level. In fact, the materials of which it is composed ensure a correct combustion and the wicks are of high quality and made of cotton.


La Jolíe Muse

We close the series of products recommended with one of the most elegant candle brands on the market: La Jolíe Muse. The candle that we propose here is made with soy wax and is therefore a vegan product, designed with natural materials and free from harmful substances. Large (550g), this candle lasts up to 80 hours, thus giving you a long-lasting sensory experience. The design of the glass is truly refined: the vase has been designed with a particular daisy motif engraved in the thick glass, which embellishes the candle and makes it a unique object, also highly appreciated as a gift. It is a real jewel with a complex aroma, in which floral fragrances such as gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, lavender, red berries and violet leaves are mixed that pamper you and give you pure moments of well-being.


How to choose scented candles

The passion for scented candles has allowed in recent years to have a great variety of types to choose from, which not only do they differ among the fragrances available but also come in different shapes, colors, sizes and materials with which they are produced. Below we will try to show you some elements to take into consideration when you choose to buy a candle, not only based on the use that will be made of it (if it is a product that will be used in a very large room or if it will remain on the edge of a bathtub) but also with respect to your tastes or the tastes of the person to whom you are giving it. Let's start!

Dimensions and duration of scented candles

If the candle you want to buy is destined to enrich a table for a buffet with friends, its shape and dimensions could be very different if, on the other hand, you find yourself choosing a candle to be placed in a bookcase or on a coffee table as a simple piece of furniture. Usually if the candle has to illuminate a large surface, you will tend to buy a large one, perhaps even equipped with a double wick in order to have two flames. Furthermore, if you want to use the candle as the only source of lighting, it may be a practical solution to put more than one close together, in order to create a small group of light points that is sufficient to illuminate a large space (always be very careful about how place them!).

Large Yankee Candles (10.7cm x 16.8cm) are a great choice to rely on, and are very eye-catching even used as centerpieces. Their duration is also a great strength if you are looking for a product to light and that is perfect to resist even for long evenings spent with friends: with a burning duration between 110 and 150 hours this candle will be the undisputed soul of the party and can be used again at the next party! For those looking for very small candles suitable for creating a refined environment characterized by soft light, the most suitable product is certainly the tealight candle.

This small candle is usually presented in a round shape, wrapped in a metal casing that encloses the wax as the candle burns. The peculiarity of this candle lies in its use: also sold without perfume, the tealights are often used in some restaurants to help keep food warm, placed directly under the trays. Finally, these candles are also used under the oil diffusers to gently heat the scented oil allowing it to spread in the air, or under the teapots to keep the water inside them warm.

Which fragrance to choose?

The fragrances available for scented candles are a truly infinite world where you can indulge yourself far and wide! Personal tastes lead us to choose the most suitable perfume for us, but also the place where some candles will be placed can be a good starting point to understand which fragrance is the most suitable.

If you want to choose a candle to put in the bathroom, for example, candles that have a fragrance linked to flowers are very suitable. A classic rose, cherry blossom or jasmine fragrance is perfect if you want to place a candle on a small shelf in the bathroom or along the edge of the tub. Without a doubt, the bathroom is the place in the house par excellence dedicated to well-being and relaxation, and for this reason perfumes such as lavender or chamomile are also ideal, able to calm us and bring us back to a better psychophysical balance. It is no coincidence that aromatherapy is held in high regard when you want to have the benefits of inhaling certain substances.

The choice of candles that have delicate and relaxing fragrances is even more significant if the product is lit during a meditation session or during a massage, helping you to relax the muscles of your body and abandon yourself to the pleasure of a sweet scent. When the candle is placed instead in the dining room or in an entrance area to the house, you can dare a little more and choose even more intense and enveloping fragrances. Cinnamon or sandalwood are some of the most popular fragrances for the living area of ​​a home, but fruity ones such as mango, citrus and berry candles are also very popular.

Shapes and materials of scented candles

Shape and style are among the many characteristics that can vary from candle to candle, even coming to find surprising models and bizarre shapes! The most classic shapes are the round and square ones, suitable as centerpieces or as candles to be used more frequently. More particular types of candles are those with a pyramidal, oval shape, or even carved in particular shapes depicting subjects of various kinds. Those who choose to buy a candle with an atypical shape will usually place it later in a bookcase or on a shelf, without going to consume it through combustion.

Very important in choosing a candle is certainly the material with which it is produced, and therefore particular attention must be paid to the composition of the material that will then be burned through combustion. Among the countless products on the market, not all guarantee safe combustion: wax and paraffin are the most common ingredients of which candles are made, but if you want to choose a truly safe candle, then it is good to go for those made of beeswax. These types of candles are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, they burn gradually and spread a pleasant natural fragrance. Soy candles are also a product you can rely on, featuring a completely natural plant wax that does no harm to our health. A natural product therefore becomes an extremely recommended choice for those with particular allergies or for those who want a delicately scented environment but do not want to have doubts about the inhaled substances.

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