Panini Comics announces the luxurious 12-volume Berserk Deluxe Edition

Panini Comics announces the luxurious 12-volume Berserk Deluxe Edition

In a press release, Panini Comics officially announces the Deluxe Edition of Berserk, the manga born from the pencil of the late Kentaro Miura, in 12 luxurious volumes dedicated to fans and novices of the opera.

Panini Comics announces the luxurious 12-volume Deluxe Edition of Berserk

The definitive edition is out starting from November 2022 and the novelties are many: from the larger and hardcover format enriched by leather-like covers , to oriental reading with onomatopoeias left as originally designed by the author, without forgetting a precious color cover gallery. We reiterate the release in November of the first of the twelve volumes (which in turn includes the first three original volumes), and will be available in bookstores, comic shops and on

A timeless work that returns in a final version perfect for those who want to start reading the manga, but also for long-time fans who will be able to rediscover its charm once again:

Panini Comics, Planet Manga, Berserk, Kentaro Miura, Studio Gaga, Hakusensha Release: November 2022 Price: 50 euro / volume Pages: 696 Binding: Hardback Format: 17,5X25,4 cm Inside: Black and white / Colors Distribution: Bookstore, comic shop, online We remember that, after the death of the master Kentaro Miura in May 2021, the series returned to serialization with Chapter 365 by Studio Gaga, a company founded by the author himself, and Kouji Mori . Today, September 9, 2022, Chapter 369 is published in issue 18 of Youg Animal.

Who is continuing Berserk?

Berserk, from now on, will be made by the group of assistants who worked and works for Miura at Studio Gaga and the work is supervised by a historical childhood friend of the master as well as consultant to the script of the manga, Kouji Mori. Kentaro Miura will always be credited as the original creator.

Kouji Mori is a close childhood friend of Miura as well as a confidant and consultant for details on the manga's script . Mori said in the statement that he already knows the entire history of Berserk, from start to finish. Mori also made a one-shot on Young Animal last year that chronicles his historical friendship with Miura and their artistic relationship.

In addition, master Mori talked about Berserk's ending with Miura at starting from the iconic "Eclipse" event of about 30 years ago and, after Miura's death, Mori proposed to tell the ending through an interview or through illustrations with a didactic article, but rejected this option as it was considered an insufficient method . On the other hand, Mori considered Studio Gaga's offer to continue the manga considerable and promised to do so by assuring readers that, despite the imperfections, he is confident of being able to tell what Miura wanted to tell by recalling as many details as possible.

Finally, both Mori and the editorial department promise to diligently follow the words that the master Miura would have liked to narrate.

Before his death, on the occasion of a chat with Eiichiro Oda (One Piece ), Miura had stated that the manga was approximately 60/80% complete and that he had begun to collect all the pieces of his script and then compose them to create the ending.

On 24 December 2021 it was released in Japan and online stores Volume 41 of Berserk in both regular and special editions. The special edition containing a Drama CD and a special illustration on canvas (dimensions 23.9cm × 8.7cm). In Italy, the expected number, as well as the last from Miura's hands, does not yet have a release date for now.

Berserk: the manga and the death of Kentaro Miura

Berserk - Planet Manga Kentaro Miura left us with an unbridgeable void on May 6, 2021 due to aortic dissection. The head of the assistants specified that, despite his sudden death, in the last 15 years or so the master Miura has sustained a rather balanced life by managing a good diet and regular physical exercises. The head of assistants also confirmed that he was healthy and not suffering from any disease.

Kentaro Miura began writing and drawing Berserk in 1989. The manga is serialized in Japan by Hakusensha in the Young Animal series while in Italia is published by Planet Manga in various editions: the first dates back to August 1996 and subsequently several reprints have been published that bear the name of Berserk Collection, Maximum Berserk and Berserk Collection Serie Nera.

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