House Of The Dragon Episode 3: the differences with the book

House Of The Dragon Episode 3: the differences with the book

House Of The Dragon Episode 3

House Of The Dragon Episode 3 begins after a time jump of 3 years in which the war in the Stepstones against the Nutrigranchi went on and King Viserys Targaryen married Alicent Hightower, with whom he had two children: Aegon, about two years old, and a second on the way. Of course, being different media, House Of The Dragon Episode 3 has some differences with the book Fire and Blood (you can buy it here on Amazon) on which this prequel / spin-off series of the Throne of Swords is based. As we did for the first and second episode of the series, in this article we have collected the main differences between House Of The Dragon Episode 3 and the book written by George R. R. Martin.


From this point on there will be some spoilers about House of the Dragon, so we invite you to proceed with the reading with caution.

House Of The Dragon Episode 3: the differences with the book

Jason and Tyland Lannister Missing scenes: Viserys' hunt and dream Rhaenyra's wedding The War in the Stepstones

Jason and Tyland Lannister

House Lannister enjoyed a certain prestige well before the events narrated in the Iron Throne. In House of the Dragon we saw two members of this illustrious and wealthy lineage: the twins Jason and Tyland Lannister. These two characters are featured in Fire and Blood and are also said to be twins there. However, it is never specified that they are identical twins.

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Missing scenes: the hunt and Viserys' dream

Let's start by saying that in the book Fire and Blood Martin doesn't mention any hunts, so those scenes are not present. Likewise, there is no mention in the book that Rhaenyra has ever encountered a boar and a white deer.

Another addition that is not present at all in the book is the mention of Viserys's dream, which, for this reason, recalls the prophecy that the king revealed to his daughter. In this dream, the king had seen a male heir wearing the crown of Aegon the Conqueror. Because of this dream, which became a real obsession for King Viserys, he forced his deceased wife to give birth many times, even if the pregnancies were never successful, eventually causing her death. Although the king always intends to pass the Game of Thrones down to his daughter Rhaenyra, the birth of his longed-for son could undermine the young princess's position.

Rhaenyra's marriage

Also to try to avoid any conflicts between the two brothers and to further consolidate House Targaryen's position as the one and only in power in all of Westeros, Otto Hightower, father of Queen Alicent and grandfather of little Aegon, suggests to Viserys to promise the brothers Rhaenyra and Aegon in marriage. Well, this proposal is still present in the book, but it does not come from Otto: Queen Alicent advises the king to marry the two brothers together. Also, in the episode Lyonel Strong advises the king instead to consider Laenor Velaryon as Rhaenyra's husband. In Fire and Blood, however, it was the council and the king himself who decided that Laenor was the best choice.

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The War in the Stepstones

Also with regard to the unfolding of the War in the Stepstones, we can find some differences compared to the book written by Martin. Let's start immediately by saying that Viserys has supported the idea of ​​fighting against the Triarchy from the beginning, and when he offered his help to his younger brother Daemon, the latter did not refuse him. Furthermore, no one has ever complained in the books that Corlys and Daemon dragged the Crown into war, and there is no mention of the quarrel between Laenor and Corlys Velaryon either.

In Fire and Blood, Daemon kills Craghas Drahar by decapitating him, not cutting him in half. Even in the book, as in House Of The Dragon Episode 3, the way in which Daemon kills the Nutrigranchi is the only detail provided about their confrontation. Finally, there is no island called Dwarfstone in the Stepstones.

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