Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022: here is the program of the fair

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022: here is the program of the fair

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022

Today the guests and the events scheduled for Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022, the fair dedicated to videogames and comics enthusiasts that will take place between 25 and 27 November at Fiera Milano Rho, were announced.

L this year's edition promises to be the largest ever, with a schedule full of events that will take place in 4 different pavilions. There will be important guests, such as the well-known actor and voice actor Troy Baker, Andrea Pessino of Ready at Dawn and composer Austin Wintory, to name a few.

Space also for emerging Italian developers with the Indie Dungeon, with an area dedicated to made in Italy video games currently under development, and esports with the Esportshow pavilion, with competitions in League of Legends, Rocket League and Fortnite. Inside the Gaming Zone Powered by GameStop, instead you will find stations to freely test the latest games, in addition to the megastore with exclusive offers for the days of the fair.

Obviously, the world of comics will also be the protagonist with big names in publishing and more, such as Sergio Bonelli, JPop, Edizioni BD, Star Comics, MangaYo, Saldapress, Astorina. Space also for cosplay, with among other things an entire section dedicated to Assassin's Creed Cosplay Italia. Resident Evil lovers, on the other hand, will find the Umbrella Italian Division themed area, with a live show based on zombies, an interactive game and a completely open horror area.

We remind you that Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022 will take place between 25 and 27 November. You can buy tickets through on

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022, the poster of the fair Read the official press release with all the details on the activities, events and guests of the fair:

"Competitive gaming enthusiasts will find bread for their teeth in the Esportshow pavilion, the home of the best national tournaments with the now famous competitions on League of Legends, Rocket League and Fortnite signed by PG Esports, the tournament number one organizer in Italy. There will also be ProGaming Italia, a leading company for over 20 years in the organization of events dedicated to export that returns to the stage of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics with the Esport Arena, full of news for everyone fans of the sector, players and communities included. The Esportshow pavilion will host, in addition to the most important teams in circulation, also the Indie Dungeon area, in collaboration with IIDEA, which will also give a lot of space to the Italian gaming industry by hosting numerous emerging development in a dedicated area. "

" An entire pavilion will be dedicated to gaming, a paradise for all gamers who wish to try the latest and most popular games of the moment. Inside the Gaming Zone Powered by GameStop, in fact, there will be many stations to freely test the most recent releases, in addition to the megastore with exclusive offers for the days of the fair and the inevitable GameStop TV streaming room. At the center, the unmissable Main Stage starring Radio 105, the Official Radio of the event, which will bring great live music to the stage again this year with the Representative of Lista (25 November), Rocco Hunt (26 November) and 13Pietro (27 November). But not only: the main stage, in fact, will be the home of truly exceptional international guests such as the actor and voice actor Troy Baker, the icon of the gaming industry Andrea Pessino, the famous composer Austin Wintory and Tom Hopper, the face of cult series such as Umbrella Academy, Game of Thrones and Black Sails, as well as hosting lots of gameplay sessions and moments dedicated to the huge community. Furthermore, for the first time, to celebrate Black Friday, on Friday 25 November the doors of Fiera Milano will be open until 11.00 pm for Black Friday Night, with an ad hoc program full of events, special contents and many shows not to be missed. lose. YouTube, exclusive live-streaming partner of the event, will broadcast live the shows that will animate the central stage for the three days of the event. "

" An unmissable moment will be the special episode - live and exclusively - of the Pub dell'Amico, historical format of the well-known Dario Moccia, which, on Friday evening, will involve the public with jokes, curiosities, anecdotes and many guests. The Gaming pavilion will also feature all the best known creators, youtubers, streamers and influencers such as Cydonia, Kurolily and many others. As usual, there will be the Monster Energy stand, which will host very popular talents such as Pow3r, Edoardo Tamagni and the Arcade Boyz, for three days of pure gaming! "

" Obviously, not there will be no space dedicated to the world of comics, games and cosplay with 2 dedicated pavilions. In particular, Electric Town will be the point of reference for lovers of comics, manga and board games, also thanks to the support of eBay, the Main Digital Partner of the event, which will host various moments dedicated to collecting fans on the eBay home stage. all-round with card tournaments, panels and meetings for all tastes, all in an area full of collectibles and fun. "

" Ample space also for the Pokémon Trading Card Game with masterclasses with the proplayer iCaterpie and many new features with Federic95ita and live role-playing games with the Inntale crew. "

" Another great and highly anticipated Special Guest will be Humberto Ramos, acclaimed Marvel and DC Comics artist much appreciated all over the world for the creative vein with which he was able to reinvent the world of superheroes. In particular, Ramos will be present as the author of some of the most beautiful Spider-Man stories, a character to whom he gave a very personal graphic interpretation working on the series "Spectacular Spider-Man", "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Superior Spider-Man ". In short, a great international pencil to celebrate with the many fans and with many initiatives the 60 years of Spider-Man. "" As usual, there will be the big names of publishing and more: Sergio Bonelli, JPop, Edizioni BD, Star Comics, MangaYo, Saldapress, Astorina with the exhibition dedicated to Diabolik, Tunuè, il Castoro, Poliniani Editore, Shockdom, Funko, Disneyland Paris and many others, which will present the most exclusive news to the passionate audience of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022 . The Electric Town will also host vast gaming areas dedicated to the best table and role-playing games ever such as Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroquest or Betrayal at House on the Hill, thanks to the presence of producers and distributors of reference for Italy as Hasbro Gaming with Legacy, Games Academy, Ravensburger, Taverna del Gargoyle and many others. "

" The Studios pavilion, finally, will host a "neighboring galaxy" that brings the public to direct contact with the main groups and related communities dedicated to hugely successful series such as Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Avengers, Star Trek, Resident Evil and many others. Inevitable presence are the Star Wars costuming groups: the 501st Italica Garrison, the Rebel Legion Italian Base, the Ori'Cetar Clan and the Saber Guild, with the little ones of the Galactic Academy, will animate for three days an even larger space dedicated to most beloved epic star saga of all time with their magnificent costumes, perfect replicas of those used on movie sets or created for video games and animated series. Rebels, imperials and Mandalorians move on a real set set up by the Galaxy Association with a full-scale AT-ST walker under the stern gaze of the omnipotent Jabba The Hutt, who from the throne that oversees his court of aliens controls the populous market of Tatooine. All between a selfie with Darth Vader, a lightsaber lesson and a photo with Chewbacca. Even the cosplay group Order 66, another tribute to Star Wars, will return to the fair with a nice setting themed Tatooine, the desert planet from which it all begins. Empisa, one of the largest communities in Italy dedicated to Star Wars, will also be present with numerous initiatives dedicated to young and old. And for those wishing to attend, and why not enroll, in the national lightsaber tournament, the masters of the Jedi Generation will hold spectacular demonstrations. Star Wars fans will have to deal with the equally numerous and fierce ones of Star Trek, another highly successful sci-fi series: Italian Klinzha Society will set up a thematic space entirely dedicated to the glorious Klingon people, with costumed figures, ad hoc sets, reproductions of props and board games (Klinzha) always available to the public. In addition to the menacing Klingons, there will be a constant and long-awaited presence: STIC (Star Trek Italian Club) and Star Fleet 39. "

" Those hoping for an imminent zombie apocalypse, will only have to visit the Resident Evil themed area set up by Umbrella Italian Division, the Italian association of themed reenactments, thanks to its imposing military outpost. In addition to the famous live shows during which the battles with the zombies are staged, this year the group will surprise everyone, starting with a whole new scenography. And it doesn't stop there, an interactive game will even be organized and a fully open horror area will be available. "

" Fly with Iron Man, rally the Avengers with Captain America, swing between buildings with Spider-Man: everything is possible at the Avengers Academy, the area set up and animated by the Marvel Avengers Team Italia association, the reference point for the millions of fans who want to join the Avengers and save the planet together. The novelty of this year will be the Meet & Greet with the opportunity to meet, interview, film and be photographed with your heroes: a whole hour to spend with the most loved characters and with the most beautiful costumes ever, the best In circulation. The exhibition area will be enriched by reproductions of objects used in Marvel movies and TV series, from Thor's hammer to Iron Man's helmet. Guests of the area will be two authoritative voices of the MCU such as Gabriele Sabatini and Edoardo Stoppacciaro, voice actors of Moon Knight and Ikaris. "

" As if that weren't enough, Assassin's Creed Cosplay Italia - with costumes reproduced in every detail - brings to the fair a must that, starting from a globally successful videogame, with its fascinating mix of history and action has captured the imagination of a huge audience. In such a vast galaxy, the fantasy imaginary cannot be missing with the Fantasy Village set up by the La Fortezza association. Crossing the threshold of a real castle, the visitor finds himself catapulted into a reality full of heroes of other times and highly involving events. In addition to shows inspired by the classic "swashbuckling" style, medieval themed dances and performances, you can participate in first-person games related to the world of larp such as the famous dungeon, sword tournaments or you can sit in the tavern for Epic Historical Games Challenges: Play with History. Guests of the Fortress will also be able to attend an epic Viking music concert by de Ragnarök Duo and visit the exhibition curated by Fabio Porfidia, a highly successful game illustrator. Given the success, "THE WALL" is back, a huge panel on which all the illustrators present in the event will be invited to "leave a mark of their passage" in line with the theme of the event, The New World. Big news this year: on the evening of Friday 25th, Piazza della Fortezza will be transformed into a tavern hosting a medieval themed game dinner (by reservation). "

" For fans of the most famous bricks in the world , do not miss the large exhibition stand with Lego creations dedicated to science fiction, set up by BRICKOOMICS by At the Space Srt stand, thanks to the artist Franco Brambilla, it will be possible to admire numerous drawings and works related to the world of science fiction, including covers from the Urania series. "

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