Genshin Impact: the cosplay of The Lady of Yashafluff bewitches with the eyes

Genshin Impact: the cosplay of The Lady of Yashafluff bewitches with the eyes

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact continues to enjoy tremendous success around the world. One of the hallmarks of Hoyoverse's action RPG is the great care taken in creating its vast cast of characters, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for cosplayers. As proof of this today we propose a new cosplay of The Lady made by the model Yashafluff.

For those who have played Genshin Impact probably The Lady does not need much introduction. She is a mysterious woman who belongs to the elite body of the nation of Sheznaya and who during the adventure becomes the protagonist of some plots against the other nations of Teyvat. Like the other "Eleven Fatui Harbingers", this character is also inspired by the masks of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte. For example, in the original version The Lady is represented as a beautiful, intelligent and calculating woman, all traits that have also been inherited from her Genshin Impact counterpart.

As we can see in the shots below, the cosplay made by Yashafluff is really well made. The costume has been faithfully recreated with attention to detail, such as the peculiar mask that covers the right half of La Signora's face.

Staying in Genshin Impact's Teyvat, we suggest you also take a look at Lada Lyumos' Keqing cosplay and anaelic_'s Raiden Shogun cosplay in swimsuit. Changing genres, here is Julia Fox's Asuna Yuuki cosplay from Sword Art Online and _caughtredheaded's Nami cosplay from One Piece.

What do you think of Yashafluff's The Lady cosplay? Please let us know in the comments.

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Genshin Impact Version 3.3 details: Release date, character banners, events, more

Genshin Impact 3.3 leaks are already starting to appear, revealing loads of details about the upcoming character banners and other exciting content. Here’s everything we know so far about Genshin Impact 3.3. 

While Travelers are currently delving into the Genshin Impact 3.0 update, that hasn’t stopped 3.3 update leaks from appearing online, which have given Travelers a sneak peek at the game’s upcoming content.

With the Genius Invokation TCG and Scaramouche banner rumored to be released in 3.3, there are plenty of things to be excited about.

So, if you wish to know everything that’s coming to Genshin Impact in Version 3.3, then we’ve compiled all the details in one place for you here.

ContentsGenshin Impact 3.3 release date

The Genshin Impact 3.3 update will release on December 7, 2022. This date was officially revealed by HoYoverse and will give Travelers plenty of time to farm the Primogems needed to spend on the update’s 5-star banner characters. 

Genshin Impact 3.3 banners

While HoYoverse has yet to officially reveal the 3.3 banners, current leaks state that Scaramouche will make his long-awaited debut. Scaramouche is No. 6 of the Fatui’s Eleven Harbingers – a villainous group that aims to wreak havoc across Teyvat. 

This evil organization continually tries to foil the Traveler’s efforts, with Scaramouche always at the forefront of each scheme. As of writing, Scaramouche’s abilities have yet to be revealed, but we can expect to see the usual gameplay leaks when the 3.3 beta goes live. 

Of course, like all Genshin Impact leaks, the Scaramouche banner release date should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we hear more information. 

Genshin Impact 3.3 Genious Invokation

Genius Invokation TCG is a permanent game mode that will make its debut in the 3.3 update. This upcoming mode will enable Travelers to collect cards and battle against AI and PvP multiplayer. 

According to UBatcha, the Genshin Impact TCG mode will feature 220 cards and 25 of them will be characters from the current playable character roster. According to current leaks, the game starts with both sides drawing five cards. Players then switch out cards in their hand and choose one character to be their Active Character.

You can see the full breakdown of the leaked ruleset via our handy Genshin Impact TCG hub. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything we currently know about the Genshin Impact 3.3 update. Make sure you check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and updates. 

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