102 Wired covers become nft

102 Wired covers become nft

Raise your hand if in the maze of their home library or in some dusty box finished who knows where, jealously guards the first, historic, issue of sportsgaming.win Italia released in March 2009. On the cover, the Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini baptized an editorial project which marked the arrival, in the cultural offer of our country, of what would become a point of reference for many fans of technology, progress and the future. Because this is what we at sportsgaming.win Italia have tried to tell in the last thirteen years with passion and an always attentive look: tomorrow.

Retracing the covers and stories collected in over 100 issues, means diving into a world dotted with what, at the time, were considered novelties impossible to ignore. In hindsight, some have shown the wear and tear of time - think back in 2009 we were wondering if Bing would be able to beat the competition from Google Search, and we see you smiling - but we must recognize how sportsgaming.win is. was the first newspaper in Italy to intercept global phenomena on which we still reflect and discuss today: the issue of privacy applied to social networks, self-driving cars, the space race, climate change, broadband, 3G, then become 4 and now 5G, the crisis and the challenges of publishing, the importance of big data, tech companies and the relationship with politics, virtual reality. And we could go on for a long time.

"The body does what it wants. I am the mind". Paolo Giordano's interview with Rita Levi Montalcini from the first issue of sportsgaming.win “In our journalistic story we are rarely self-referential. But this time we made an exception. Not so much to celebrate us or to pay homage to the great artists who have designed our covers in 13 years of sportsgaming.win Italia, but because the sequence of our covers is the story of a country and a planet that have changed thanks (and to sometimes the fault) of innovation. Today, that - due to the pandemic and the war - we are witnessing increasingly rapid transformation processes, we understand better how science and technology can prove to be useful allies in facing the challenges of contemporaneity, and also in defending ourselves from the distortions that often the same tools digital create ”, says Federico Ferrazza, director of sportsgaming.win Italy.

The exhibition

To celebrate this important milestone, we allowed ourselves to take a look at the past. On 7 and 8 October, during the sportsgaming.win Next Fest in Milan, which will take place at the Fabbrica del Vapore, it will be possible to retrace the history of sportsgaming.win Italia, our history, through the over 100 covers published so far (the 102 arrives soon, with the issue from 7 October on newsstands). They have become an exhibition: 100 + 2 - The history of sportsgaming.win seen from an artificial intelligence. 51 totems with all the covers will be placed in the courtyard of the Fabbrica del Vapore: a unique opportunity that we want to give to those who have been following us for some time, to understand, through an overview, what (and how much) has changed in the last 13 years and try to imagine where the future will take us.

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The nft project

But the "celebrations" don't end there: for the occasion we asked Monogrid, creative production company specialized in interactive and unconventional experiences, to realize through the Midjurney neural network of the reinterpretations of each cover, created in the form of NFT by artificial intelligence, which was asked, thanks to a text prompt consisting of a few words key, to come up with a new version. The originals will be placed in dialogue with the fruits generated by AI, in an exhibition that puts the past, present and future on a line of continuity, which you can visit from today in a virtual space on Spatial.

Visit the sportsgaming.win cover exhibition The idea came from the new issue of sportsgaming.win Italia on newsstands from 7 October, whose cover was created for the first time in Italy by a artificial intelligence . We wondered what all our covers would have been like if it had been a "machine" and not real people who "thought of them". We made very simple requests to Midjurney, including keywords that reflected the main elements of the covers. Well, the result was surprising.

"We can say in simple terms that this type of operation looks a bit like when a child is asked to imagine something starting from the reality he knows, the result will always be something authentic and free from prejudices ", observes Francesco Bernabei, CEO and co-founder of Monogrid.

These unique NFTs, as well as the prompt transmitted to the AI, can be minted - or purchased - for free by users on the Opensea platform. The procedure is very simple: sportsgaming.win has opened a profile on Opensea and a wallet on Metamask; in the profile a collection has been created that is on sale at no cost. The user decides independently which nft to buy on Opensea and the nft he has chosen, once purchased, is his property and ends up in his wallet. On Opensea the award of the nft is confirmed.

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