Why is Instagram allowing sexually explicit streams?

Why is Instagram allowing sexually explicit streams?

Despite its terms of use expressly prohibiting them, the Facebook-owned platform is turning a blind eye to "Porn Live", direct from semi-naked models and influencers who leverage Instagram to increase their earnings on OnlyFans

One screenshot from a live so-called "Porn Live" (photo: Instagram) They call them Porn Live, but they are not a new Prime Video format or the latest Netflix series. Instead, let's talk about a phenomenon that has recently started to take hold on Instagram. Some models and influencers, in fact, have decided to take advantage of the Live Rooms in an unusual way, the new function launched by Mark Zuckerberg's platform with which it is possible to create a live video with up to four participants.

They are not the classic Instagram direct: the peculiarity of these Live shows is precisely in their content. Once on the air, the girls on duty say nothing or almost nothing, but entertain their spectators by dancing semi-naked, leaving no room for imagination. The images transmitted, at times, are also quite intense: in some cases, with them, there is also a man with whom one of the models pretends to have sexual intercourse. Every evening after 10pm the story repeats itself: the Instagram storyline begins to fill up with the Live Rooms started by these influencers - about twenty, most of which are Italian models, but sometimes foreign colleagues are also hosted in the rooms.

The accounts of these girls have a huge following: they range from 145 thousand to 4 million followers each. Among the most famous names there are also those of the Milanese Martina Vismara, youtuber, model and influencer with 3.7 million followers, who in recent years has also managed to establish herself in the fashion world. With her there are also the model Naomi De Crescenzo, 700 thousand followers spread over two profiles, and the former cyclist Elena Berlato who today has almost 800 thousand followers thanks to her experiences between catwalks and television. At the beginning of this year, the three girls also created a calendar together, but part of their success is due to OnlyFans, of which they consider themselves the "Italian pioneers", as they recently told the TV program Le Iene: “We were among the first creators in Italy, we understood how to retain users”, they explained. But they are not the only ones: the Porn Live also participates, among others, Eva Menta, the fashion blogger from La Spezia with almost three million followers divided between her public and private profile, and Alexis Mucci, the alt model and singer who can boast over 3.2 million contacts.

(photo: Instagram) Unsurprisingly, the number of viewers of these live shows manages to reach peaks of 10-15 thousand active followers in a few seconds. Often the Live shows are accompanied by a title or a message fixed at the top that reads: “Look at our bio”. And this is the key to understanding what drives young and attractive influencers from millions of followers to wink in a provocative way and show themselves in underwear in a direct Instagram that anyone can have access to. Their goal, in fact, is not mere exhibitionism, but aims to increase their earnings. The mechanism is that of the Chinese boxes: the direct serves to attract the attention of followers on the link that refers to the personal channel of OnlyFans, the uncensored social network that during the pandemic had a real boom in subscriptions.

On OnlyFans anyone can open a profile and create explicit content that can be sold for a fee. Users, to see them, pay a subscription fee decided by the model (complete with price list, discounts and offers). The cost of subscriptions can range from $ 6 to $ 15 per month, but there are also quarterly and annual packages. In some cases, the possibility of having video meetings is offered by paying a premium to the platform which, for its part, guarantees users anonymity and a secure method of payment. Models earn 80% on each subscription, while the platform retains the remaining 20% ​​for the service. As told by some women, there are those who manage to reach 100,000 dollars a month in earnings.

(photo: Instagram) The Live Rooms of Instagram have therefore become a showcase to increase the number of subscriptions on your OnlyFans account. And being live in four is an advantage: each model drags her followers into the Live Room, in such a way as to introduce her colleagues to her. By doing this, Instagram followers and subscriptions on OnlyFans grow with teamwork. And consequently the earnings. If each model brings its 2.5 million average followers live, being four creates the possibility of triple - at least potentially - their catchment area.

But how is it possible that Instagram has not yet intervened to censor these broadcasts that seem to violate the guidelines of the platform? Between the end of December 2020 and the beginning of January 2021, the social network announced that it had tightened restrictions on sexually explicit content. Yet it seems that the influencers of OnlyFans have found the flaw in the system, taking advantage of the most recent functionality of the platform: on Live Rooms Instagram is demonstrating less control of moderation.

After trying to report the live show in which an oral relationship was simulated, by clicking on the "nude and pornography" section, the response received from the application was: "We have checked the post and at the moment it is not possible to remove it because we only remove content that violates our community guidelines ”. An automatic response, which however does not rely on the "Deplorable content" section of the platform's statute which, in point 14 entitled "Nude images and sexual acts", should have blocked the transmission of what falls within the case of "sexual intercourse" implicit, defined as a situation in which the mouth or genitals enter or touch another person's genitals or anus, even when the contact is not clearly visible ”.

To say it all, in the direct above mentioned we have also identified other violations, such as those that refer to the section that prohibits showing "visible genitals except in the context of childbirth and postpartum moments or situations related to health ", or again in that linked to the surprisingly precise case history of" squeezing female breasts, defined as a gripping movement with curved fingers that shows both signs and a clear change in the shape of the breasts ". Scrolling through these meticulous descriptions provided by the Instagram guidelines, the question that arises is: given that some direct do not respect the rules of the platform, there are malfunctions in the moderation system with the Live Rooms, or the latter only works for posts and Stories?

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