There is a proposal to extend simplified smart working until the end of the year

There is a proposal to extend simplified smart working until the end of the year

Hypothesis of 31 December to extend the simplified agile work regime also in the private sector, as has already been recognized for the public. Discussion in the Chamber

smartworking with a remote desk Photo by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay Working from home or remotely until the end of the year, without requiring a formal agreement with the employer, as the usual pre- Covid of 2017: this is the prospect that may affect private employees based on an amendment to the Reopening decree on the subject of smart working, which the Chamber is currently examining. Law Decree 52 of 2021 provided for simplified agile work until the state of emergency remains on 31 July, but the amendment now drafted by the Ministry of Labor would extend it until 31 December.

This modification it would extend smartworking by three months beyond the 30 September hypothesis, initially weighted by the executive, according to what Il Sole 24 Ore reports. Currently 5 million people continue to work remotely, while 6.5 million Italians have had to change the way they work in full lockdown, according to Inapp's estimate. Numbers almost tenfold, considering that before the coronavirus emergency there were just 570 thousand workers who resorted to agile work, while in large companies 54% of employees are in smart working, a mode defined as "decisive" by the Institute for Policy Analysis public, close to the approval of the decree last month.

Currently Italy has reached 17.2% with complete vaccination (10.1 million people), and the extension now under discussion would align the private sector with what has already been decided for public administrations, which have simplified agile work has already been obtained until New Year's Eve, with the decree of 30 April last. However, public bodies must adopt specific organizational plans for agile work (Pola), by January 31 of each year. This year 33.3% published the Pola according to the modalities established by the Relaunch decree, while an amendment with the same decree at the end of April reduced the minimum share of employees who can be involved in this modality from 60 to 15%, for activities that can be carried out in smartworking. In case of non-adoption of the Pola, the 15% fee is still applied.

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